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For Appointments, call (541) 440-4219                             For Appointments, call (541) 440-4219  

Office Update-COVID19

April 17, 2020--We are still doing Veterans Claims by email, phone, fax, Postal Mail. The reason for this is that some VSOs have "at-risk" standing. So to protect them and all of us, we are still maintaining precautions. The Good News is that we have added appointments-by-phone.

1. Phone: Our office phone number is 541-440-4219.
2. Email: Our office email is
3. Fax: Our Fax number is 541-440-6166.
4. Postal Service mail: Our mailing address is 1036 SE Douglas Ave., Rm 7/8, Roseburg, OR 97470.

When you contact us please provide detailed information about your questions or concerns so we can prepare the best response possible. Also, let us know your preferred method of communication: phone, email, or regular mail. Claims paperwork, communications and other information and questions can be done well through these methods and email is especially fast.

We will strive to get back to you within 24 hours with answers or to schedule a phone appointment. If your question(s) require more detailed answers or research, it may take several days to get back to you..... Please be patient.

Douglas County Veterans Service Office

The Douglas County Veteran Service Office makes a difference in Veterans’ lives by providing advocacy for and education about Veterans’ claims with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Partnering with claimants, we make every effort to obtain the maximum benefit to which Douglas County Veterans may be eligible.

Our accredited VSOs will help you complete the claim forms and advise you what you will need to make the claim successful.

Many benefits are available to Veterans, their dependents or survivors. The type of benefits available may differ depending on the Veteran’s character of discharge, Wartime/peacetime service and in some cases, length of service. We are experts in VA Benefit laws and can explain the benefits to which you may be eligible. We are accredited by the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs and several other National Veterans Organizations to do Veterans’ Claims which is required by law to do Veteran Claims. Individuals who are not accredited with VA are not allowed to do Veteran Claims because they are not authorized by VA and they do not attend trainings. Accredited individuals must attend trainings at least once a year so that they can sustain accreditation and maintain the education standards and know about changes in VA Rules and Regulations so that they may provide accurate and valid information about benefits and eligibility.

List of Accredited VSOs
To find out if a person is accredited by VA, click the link above. Search by "VSO Representative." Type in Last Name then click on Search to see if that person is accredited.

Types of Veteran Claims

Service Connected Disability
This benefit is available to anyone who served in the armed forces and has current disabilities related to a condition, injury or illness that started during active duty or may be presumed to have onset in the military. When service connected disabilities are granted by VA, the claimant is eligible for additional local, state and federal benefits. Additional compensation may be available for Aid and Attendance or Housebound benefits when a Veteran requires the medical assistance of another person to accomplish the activities of daily living SOLELY because of service connected conditions. Click here for more information about Service Connected claims. When a Veteran is more than 30% disabled due to service connected conditions, there may be eligibility to Aid and Attendance for spouse.

Non-Service Connected Pension
This benefit is for Veterans who served during a period of War. Pension is an income-based program. To receive pension, the claimant must have a low income and limited assets. Medical expenses can be reported to reduce ’countable income’. Click here for more information about Non-Service Connected Pension claims. Higher level of Pension may be available when the Veteran is housebound or needs the assistance of another person to accomplish the activities of daily living, Aid and Attendance.

Types of Dependent Claim

There are two types of benefits available for survivors of Veterans.

Dependent Indemnity Compensation (DIC)
This benefit is for the surviving dependent of a Veteran who died in service, or due to a service connected disability, or who was rated 100% service connected for more than 10 years. DIC is a monthly benefit to the survivor. An increased amount of DIC may be available when the claimant is housebound or needs the assistance Aid and Attendance of another person to accomplish the activities of daily living. Being eligible to DIC also means possible entitlement to education benefits and health insurance.

Survivor Pension (for survivors of War Time Veterans only)
Survivor Pension (also known as Death Pension) is an income-based program and may provide a monthly benefit for surviving spouses or dependents of War-time Veterans who have limited income and assets. Medical expenses can be reported to reduce ’countable income’. Additional benefits may be provided when the claimant is housebound or needs the assistance Aid and Attendance of another person to accomplish the activities of daily living.

Please review the Survivor Benefits brochure or keep reading for more information about these benefits. We can also help with burial benefits.

General Information

We can also provide information about:

  • Entitlements based on level of compensation or pension eligibility
  • Education Benefits especially Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Burial Benefits
  • Applying for Medical Care at VA Medical Centers
  • Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility
  • Oregon Department of Veteran Affairs Home Loans

Please check out our Claims Handbook for more detailed information about possible benefits.

2011 Veterans Day Parade.

Coming Events
  • Veterans Day Parade, 11/11/20 
    The Best Veterans Day Parade in Oregon or anywhere!!! Save the date!  
  • Memorial Day 
    Please join us at Roseburg National Cemetery, Canyonville City Hall, Glide and Reedsport for Memorial Day services.

Recurring Meetings
  • Douglas County Veterans Day Parade
    Jackson Street, Roseburg
    Parade applications available on our Veterans Day Parade webpage. Meetings will be held in accordance with current state mandate until State mandate is lifted. 

Douglas County Veterans Service Office Newsletter

Veterans Service Office and Outreach
SEE COVID Statement above, We are currently doing claims by phone, email, post office mail.

If you are a Veteran and have never filed a claim for compensation or pension in the past, or are new to the area, you can contact our office from 8:30AM to 11AM and from 1:30PM to 4PM. Our Staff of accredited Veterans Service Officers will assist you by creating a file and getting paperwork to you complete and send back to our office. We may schedule a phone appointment if needed. After the more in-depth phone interview, they will submit your claim to the VA. Our phone appointments may be scheduled out approximately 30 days to allow you enough time to gather all of the documents necessary to support your claim. Get all the required paperwork to us before your appointment-by-phone. And the claim process begins.

If you have an existing claim, call us at 541-440-4219 or email at
How to Contact Us  
  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday   8:30AM to 11AM and 1:30PM to 4:00PM
  If you have an existing claim and need additional help, or if you would like to begin a VA claim, please call our office at 541 440 4219 or email at
  Monday through Thursday  9AM to 3PM
  Appointments are scheduled between the hours of 9AM to 3PM, Mondays through Thursdays. Please call 541-440-4219 or email at
Outreach Office Hours  
  Canyonville 1st Thursday of every month 9:00am - 4:00pm
  480 Wartahoo Lane

Please call our office at 541-440-4219 to schedule an appointment by phone.

  Drain 2nd Friday of every month 10:00AM - 3:00PM
  Douglas County Health Services
316 A St
Drain, OR

Please call our office at 541-440-4219 to schedule an appointment-by-phone.

  If you have an existing claim, call us at 541-440-4219 or email at
  Reedsport Douglas County Annex 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month 10:00am - 3:00pm
  Douglas County Annex
680 Fir Ave
Reedsport, OR

Please call our office at 541-440-4219 to schedule an appointment-by-phone.
  RVAMC Outreach 4th Tuesday every month 9:00AM to 12 Noon & 1PM to 4PM
  Roseburg VA Medical Center
Building 2, Office on First Floor just past the Public Affairs Office
Roseburg, OR

Call 541-440-4219 to schedule an appointment by phone.


Office Location and Phone

Douglas County Veterans Service Office
1036 SE Douglas Ave, Room 7/8 (West Side of Courthouse Basement)
Roseburg, Oregon 97470
(541)440-6166  (Fax)
(800)224-1619 Ext 4219 (in-county toll free)


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