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About Us...

The Douglas County Surveyor's Office is responsible for maintaining survey records. Further duties include restoration,  preservation, and documentation of land corners established by the federal government beginning in the 1850's. Filing and checking subdivisions, land partitions, boundary surveys, and assistance with research are also part of the county surveyor's duties.  Aerial maps are maintained and updated every eight to ten years.

Survey records are available to the public, copies are printed for a nominal fee.Most records are available on the internet at no charge. The Douglas County Surveyor's Office is dedicated to serving the public. We welcome everyone to visit, personally or through the Internet, and experience the benefits available.

Kris Degroot
Kris  DeGroot
Douglas County Surveyor

Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Douglas County Surveyors Office
Douglas County Justice Building - Room 105
Roseburg, OR   97470
(541) 440-4272
Fax: (541) 957-8150