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Here are some tips for using this field:
Use the % key as a wild card
Example: when searching a name like "Tom Smith"
Enter as "smith, t%". This will pull all the names that end with Smith and begin with the letter T.

Situs Address Search
This means the physical address of the property. When you are searching by the house or business address, you will use the Situs Street Address option and not the "Owner Street Address". When keying in a site address, use the % key in places where a direction may go.
Example: 1234 % Main. If this does not work, leave out the % key.

Map ID Number Search
When using this choice key in the map number as one large number.
Example: For a map that is 27-06w-24BB TL 2400 you would enter as 270624bb02400. The tax lot must have 5 digits. So tax lot 100 would be 00100 and tax lot 13600 would be 13600. Remember to use the % key if you are unsure of the tax lot number, 270624%.

Prop ID Number Search

  • R - Real Property
  • M- Manufactured Home
  • P- Personal Property
  • U- Utility Account

Under the search field, you are also allowed to use the alternate account # if you do not have the Property ID # starting with the letters above.

Multiple Searches
When keying in multiple searches, for example, using Search Field 1,2,3 & 4, remember to select And or Or.


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