Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) - (You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader) 


General Information

How is property valued?

What value do I pay taxes on?

Why do I have improvements (changed to STRUCTURES in 2012) on my tax statement when I have made none to my property?

How are my taxes calculated?

Why did I get two tax statements when I only have one piece of property?

How do I change my mailing address?

How do I change an incorrect situs address on my account?

What do I need to do to add my new married name to my tax account?

How do I remove my deceased spouse's name from my tax account?

How does ownership change?


The Cartography Department of the Assessor's office is the record keeper for the ownership of all property in Douglas County, the plat map maintenance of those ownership boundaries and the taxing districts they are located in.

What do I need to do to add my new married name to my tax account?

My spouse is deceased and I need to remove his (her) name from my tax account?

How does ownership change?

Why did the ownership change on my real property account and not the Manufactured Structure account?

I filed a boundary line adjustment survey. Why doesn't the map reflect it?

Why doesn't the Planning Dept. recognize my tax lot as a buildable lot?

Why is the road leading to my property not shown on your map? It has a name on it?


What are exemptions?

Who qualifies for a Veteran's Exemption?

Who is a veteran?

What is a property tax deferral?

What deferral programs may I apply for?

How do I qualify for one of these deferral programs?

How do I apply for a deferral?

Does a non-profit organization have to pay property taxes?

Can a non-profit organization get an exemption on a bare piece of land to be used as a future building site?

We will be buying or leasing property after the April 1 filing deadline, can we still get an exemption?

Farm / Forestland

What are Farm and Forestland assessments?

What is the difference between the RMV and the AV?

What is the Potential Additional Tax flag that appears on some properties?

What does Potential Tax Liability mean?

Manufactured Structures

My Manufactured Structure is still on a separate tax statement even though I filed papers to make it Exempt from title and therefore considered to be real property?

What is an MS Park Community Relations Fee (formerly the Ombudsman Fee)?

What do I do if I want to move my Manufactured Structure?

What do I do if I want to sell my Manufactured Structure?

Moving a Manufactured Structure?

Exempting a Manufactured Structure from title?

Demolishing a Manufactured Structure?

I have recently married and I want to change my name on the ownership document of my manufactured structure and add my new spouse?

I want to add myself or the company I represent as a Security Interest Holder on a Manufactured Structure?

I am a landlord wishing to file for abandonment of a manufactured structure?

Personal Property

What is personal property?

How is personal property assessed?

How do I complete the Confidential Personal Property Return?

The equipment I use is my personal equipment; must I report it?

The equipment I use was a gift to me. How do I report this equipment?

We have incorporated since our last filing and the assets do not belong to the corporation, do we still have to report them?

Most of the equipment I use belongs to friends and family members. I have no idea of the equipment cost. Must I report equipment I do not own?

I only rent an office and all the furniture and equipment belongs to the landlord. Do I still have to complete the personal property form?

I lease all my equipment. Must I still complete a Personal Property return?

I have a business in my home. Do I need to file a Personal Property Return?

What are supplies?

May I amend my return after it has been filed?

Why don't you lower the values on my asset list?

I went out of business prior to January 1st. Must I file a return?

I sold my business. Do I need to report this information?

Does the Assessor prorate taxes between buyer and seller when a business is sold?

I went out of business on January 15th, do I need to file a return & pay personal property taxes?

I was not open for business on January 1st. Do I need to report?

How much is the late filing penalty?

We are an exempt organization. Do we need to file a personal property return?

We are a non-profit organization, why are we paying taxes on our personal property?

What happens if I refuse to file a Personal Property return?

How do I know if my business is located in Douglas County?

How do I contact the Assessor's Personal Property Section?

Residential Property

How is residential property appraised?

I recently purchased my newer house and there is no improvement value on my tax statement. Why not?

You have valued my house for more than it cost me to build it; why is that?

I'm going to build a new garage/carport or add concrete/blacktop to my property. What will my taxes be?

Which is less expensive, blacktop or concrete?

Are portable buildings and garden sheds taxable?

I didn't need a permit for my swimming pool, is it taxable?

I need an appraisal to get a loan, can you do that for me?

Do I have to let an appraiser on my property?

Why are my neighbor's taxes lower than mine?

Will you review my property value without an appeal being filed?

Why am I not being taxed on my sales price?

If I find an error in the square footage of my house or the acreage of my property can a correction be made ?


What is Urban Renewal?

How does Urban Renewal work?

How is urban renewal funded?

What is the Local Option Tax?

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