FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are park hours?

Day use park hours are from Sunrise to Sunset, unless otherwise posted.

How is the fishing?

It is the best it has ever been. We recommend you contact the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (541-440-3353) for up to date fishing information.

Can a park be reserved for special events?

Exclusive use of an entire park is not allowed. We do provide special events for designated areas or portions of a park for exclusive use through our special event program.

Do you have WiFi in any of your parks?

Yes, we have WiFi at Windy Cove Campground and Umpqua Dunes Campground.

Camping Questions

Are camp fires allowed?

Campfires are allowed in designated fire pits only, pursuant to the current regulations in effect by the Douglas Forest Protection Association: (541) 672-6507 or check online at: http://www.dfpa.net

What is a campsite?

A campsite is defined as a physical site consisting of parking space for one camping unit and one tow vehicle.

What is a camping unit?

A camping unit is defined as any unit that is used for sleeping such as a motor home, 5th wheel, tent, camper van or a pickup with canopy or camper.

What is a tow vehicle?

A tow vehicle is either the vehicle being towed or the vehicle towing the camping unit. Any other vehicles are to be considered extra vehicles.

Is an additional tent allowed in a site with a camping unit?

A small tent is allowed to accompany the primary camping unit in the campsite. A small tent is defined as a tent designed to be occupied by no more than three persons. Any larger tents must be placed in another site and pay the appropriate fee.

What are camper stay limits?

Maximum stay is 14 nights within a 30 day period.

What are check-in & check-out times?

Check in time is 2:30 pm, and check out time is 11:00 am (all campsites, cabins and yurts).

How to change or cancel a reservation

Changes and/or cancellations must be made in accordance with the cancellation policy of the particular site that you have reserved. For any cancellations, please contact the office at Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:30 pm at 541-957-7001.

Is it Allowed?

Is alcohol allowed?

Alcohol is permitted at most County Parks and Campgrounds. With the following exceptions:

  • Not allowed to sell alcohol without a permit.
  • No alcohol on open sand.
  • No alcohol in sand camping.
  • No alcohol in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.
  • No alcohol at the OHV Staging Area.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed, provided they’re on a leash and under the control of their owner. The exception is at River Forks Park between May 15 and September 15.

Are firearms allowed?

Firearms are allowed, but they may not be discharged.

Are fireworks allowed?

No fireworks are not allowed due to fire restrictions and risks.

Is gold panning allowed?

It depends. Check with DSL and BLM for the rules.

Is hunting allowed?

Hunting is generally not allowed. Park ordinances allow for waterfowl hunting on Galesville Reservoir and Ben Irving Reservoir in designated wildlife areas only. Ben Irving has a designated wildlife area at the west end of the lake. Galesville has a designated wildlife area on the east end of the lake and is also electric motors only (See park tour for maps of the reservoirs). You are allowed to hunt from a boat and must comply with all applicable Fish and Wildlife regulations pertaining to waterfowl hunting.

Is metal detecting allowed?

Metal detecting is allowed with a permit. The collection of historic or prehistoric artifacts from beneath or above the ground or disturbing the ground is not allowed per state law.


Is there a disabled veteran discount?

Douglas County Parks honors the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department’s Special Access Pass for Disabled Veterans. The pass can be used for free parking in our day use parks and for 10 nights per year free camping. Five nights can be used per any 30 day period. Group sites, yurts and cabins are not eligible. Additional fees for extra vehicles, etc. may be applicable. The Special Access Pass must be presented at time of registration. If a reservation is made, all camping and reservation fees will be due at time of the reservation and the camping fee will be refunded at the time of registration, after reviewing documentation. The pass must be displayed in your vehicle at all times.

Is there a veteran discount for parking permits?

We provide a ten percent discount on an annual parking pass. This benefit must be made in person at the Douglas County Parks Office so that we can review your veterans documentation.

Is there a douglas county resident discount?

The Douglas County Park Department currently offers a $2.00 discount on individual campsites only for Douglas County residents with proof of residency. The discount does not apply to group camping, pavilions, yurts or cabins.

Are there seasonal rates?