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Assessor Courthouse - Room 206 (541) 440-4222 Heather Coffel, Assessor
The County Assessor is an elected official with a four-year term of office. The County Assessor's chief responsibilities are to appraise property; to maintain ownership maps and indexes of property; to approve and monitor special farm and forest assessments and all exemption programs; and to prepare an assessment roll and tax roll. The County Assessor does not determine the amount of taxes to be levied. Local budget committees within cities, the County and special districts determine dollar amounts needed in tax levies. The required amounts are placed on the tax rolls by the County Assessor.

The Assessor's Office is a valuable source of information on all property located in Douglas County and it offers two computer terminals for public information use. The Reedsport Annex also has a computer terminal for public use with information being provided by the receptionist in the Sheriff's Office. Part-time help is funded by the Assessor's Office to offset the time required to provide comprehensive countywide public assistance in the Reedsport area.

Building Justice Bldg - Room 106 (541) 440-4559 Bill Clemens, Building Official
The Building Department was established in 1974 and is administered by the Building Official. The main function of the Building Department is to enforce the structural, plumbing, mechanical, fire and life safety, and mobile home placement codes as required by the State Building Codes Agency. Members of this department review plans for all construction projects and note the necessary changes on the plans prior to issuing the building permit. Building permit fees are figured on the square-footage of the structure to be built or remodeled and are taken from a State fee schedule.

With the exception of several cities, the Building Department is responsible for the building permits and site inspections for all areas of the County. The Building Department works closely with people in the process of building or remodeling a home, or constructing a commercial or industrial development.

Building Facilities Justice Building (541) 440-6001 David Palmer, Director
The Building Facilities Department is responsible for all new construction, repair, remodeling, maintenance, and cleaning of the County's buildings and grounds. Our major buildings include the Courthouse, Justice Building, Reedsport Annex, Church Annex, both Museums, the Umpqua Lighthouse and to oversee the leased buildings, like the Winchester State Police building. The Department maintains the heating and cooling system (HVAC), fire suppression system, handles all environmental safety, plumbing, roofing, electrical, and mechanical systems for all County buildings, including the Douglas County Jail, and the Juvenile Detention buildings.

Clerk Courthouse - CH124 (541) 440-4324 Dan Loomis, Clerk
The County Clerk is an elected official with a four-year term of office. Many duties of the Clerk are set by state statute. To carry out these duties, the Clerk's Office has four major divisions. The Recording Division keeps a permanent public record of all official county records including real estate transactions, liens, plats and partitioning maps, and mining claim locations. The Elections Division is responsible for maintaining registered voter data, and for conducting and administering all elections in the County; which include the Primary and General elections and the Special District election. The Vital Records Division issues birth certificates and death certificates. The Archives Division insures all records are preserved permanently, or for some records, maintained for a specific period of time.
In addition, the County Clerk acts as Clerk for the County Board of Property Tax Appeals; maintains the permanent record of the official proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners, responds to requests for mental health records, and issues marriage licenses (and may perform marriage ceremonies). The Clerk's Office promotes public confidence by: providing courteous and effective service in a timely manner, and ensuring the highest degree of integrity in all aspects of our work.

Commissioners Courthouse - CH217 (541) 440-4201 3 Elected Commissioners:
      Chris Boice
Tim Freeman
Tom Kress

The Board of Commissioners (Board) is the County governing body. They provide a direct link between the citizens of Douglas County and their County Government. The Board is responsible for: approving ordinances (County laws); adopting the County budget; setting standards for the use of County property; appointing non-elected officials, boards, commissions, and committees; and overseeing the operation of County departments with appointed department heads.

The Board consists of three full-time members. Each member is elected for a four-year term of office and paid a salary established by the Budget Committee. The Board elects its own chairman on an annual basis. A quorum of two constitutes a majority vote and is necessary to decide any questions before the Board.

Regular Board meetings are generally scheduled for each Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. in Room 216 of the County Courthouse. However, on an occasional basis, regular Board meetings are also held in the various cities of Douglas County.

The County budget is approved by the Budget Committee, which consists of six members: the Board of Commissioners and three citizens appointed by the Board. Citizen members are appointed for three-year terms. The Budget Committee meets for several days each year to review the proposed budget and to formulate and operating plan which sets forth a balanced budget.

County Counsel Courthouse - Room 321 (541) 440-4375 Paul Meyer
The Office of the County Counsel provides legal services for Douglas County Government. The County Counsel advises the Board of Commissioners and other County officials as to their duties and responsibilities as established in statutes and laws. A representative from the County Counsel attends all regular meetings of the Board of Commissioners and other boards as requested. The County Counsel represents the County in legal matters including the enforcement of County Ordinances. Counsel staff prepare and review all contracts between the County and other public agencies or private parties.

Douglas Interagency Narcotics Courthouse (541) 440-4474 Rick McArthur
The Douglas County Inter-Agency Narcotics Team (DINT) is responsible for the investigation of all narcotic related crimes in the Douglas County Area. This department is involved with the research and investigation of narcotics crimes involving the use, manufacture, and distribution of illegal drugs and narcotics.

District Attorney Justice Bldg - Room 204 (541) 440-4388 Rick Wesenberg, District Attorney
The District Attorney is elected for a four-year term, and serves as the prosecuting attorney for the State of Oregon in Douglas County. The District Attorney's primary duties include: prosecuting crimes occurring in the County which violate State statutes (excluding cases filed in municipal courts); conducting grand jury sessions; and attending court sessions. The District Attorney is paid by the State and County. The District Attorney's staff is on the County payroll.

The District Attorney's Office also administers the Victims Assistance program. The Victims Assistance Program is set up to assist victims and witnesses through the legal process and the criminal justice system.

Fairgrounds Complex & Speedway 2110 SW Frear Street (541) 957-7010 Dan Hults, Director
The Douglas County Fairgrounds Complex is nestled along the Umpqua River in Roseburg, Oregon. We are uniquely located off I-5 Exit 123. The Complex includes over 80,000 sq. ft. of rentable buildings, 50 space RV Park, Rodeo Arena, Asphalt Race Track and plenty of outdoor space that can host any event imaginable.
The Douglas County Fairgrounds Complex, home of the annual Douglas County Fair also hosts many of the county's annual events, including races, auctions and trade shows. We are a full service complex offering assistance in event planning, catering services and equipment needs for your event. Along with our experienced and knowledgeable staff, we are here to help. From the most intimate of parties to the largest of banquets and tradeshows, we want to help you create the perfect event of any size!

Fleet 2586 NE Diamond Lake Blvd (541) 440-6039 Scott Adams, Fleet Director
The Douglas County Fleet Services Department is responsible for the maintenance, repairs, purchase and disposal of approximately 850 vehicles and equipment operated by Douglas County Departments. The County operates a variety of types of vehicles and equipment including passenger vehicles, pick-ups, trucks with gvw rating of 10,000 to over 33,000 lbs., construction, various types of trailers, mowers, boats, welders, compressors and solid waste disposal and recycle equipment.

The Department is also responsible for the County's cardlock fueling sites located in Roseburg, Drain, Sutherlin, Winchester and Myrtle Creek.

Over recent years, Fleet Services has streamlined and implemented cost saving ideas resulting in a reduction in operation and maintenance costs of the fleet. It continues to be a goal of Fleet Services to look for efficiencies and savings which are in the best interest of the County.

Health - Public Health Services   (541) 440-3571 Robert Dannenhoffer, M.D., Public Health Administrator / Health Officer

Douglas County has transitioned public health programs to community partners. More information is available at Douglas Public Health Network


Human Resources Courthouse - Room 322 (541) 440-4405 Michael Kurtz, Director
Douglas County Government employs over 800 full-time employees in a wide variety of jobs. The Human Resources department serves four main functions, all of which are designed to assist County departments in providing the most effective and efficient service to the public while providing County employees with a safe and enjoyable work environment.

The Department's Policy Implementation Function includes both advisory and service role. In its advisory role, the Human Resources Department helps other County departments to resolve personnel issues related to recruitment, selection, benefits, employee relations, and evaluations. In its service role, the Department performs specific tasks for other departments related to workers' compensation, discipline, training, classification, and compensation.

In its Liaison Function, the Human resources Department serves as a mediator between competing factions to resolve personnel related conflicts.

The Department's Audit/Control Function is responsible for determining that the County Human Resource policies are being followed; that the various parts of County Government are consistent (in relation to each other) in their treatment of human resources; and that the County is in compliance with related legislation.

In its Innovation Function the Human Resources Department is responsible for developing new human resource policies and tactics to meet the constantly changing needs of County departments, employees, and the general public.


Information Technology Courthouse - Room 123 (541) 440-4330 Nancy Laney, Director
The Information Technology Department provides computer and other technology related services to all County Departments. They provide online data services to business and government agencies and are in charge of the County's telephone (voice) system. Information Technology supports highly technical and complicated computer systems as well as less sophisticated office automation systems. They support both host based and micro based environments, networked and non-networked systems, digital and analog communications, and Internet/Intranet technologies.

Typical services are analysis and development of application processes, technical support and systems administration, security administration, networking design and management for both voice and data systems, systems configuration and installation, system performance evaluation and recommendation, trouble shooting and customer support, online data services to business and government, E-mail, document scanning, production printing, and training on the use of application software and hardware products.

The Information Technology Department is also in charge of the County's telephone (voice) system. This includes management of the County's telephone switches, 1-800 service, long distance service, pay phones, office telephone equipment, voice mail, billing and reporting.

The Information Technology Department is on call 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to ensure all County production systems, voice and data are functioning properly.

Justice of the Peace Canyonville (541) 839-4389 Machelle Briggs-Mayfield, Judge
  Reedsport (541) 271-4868 Kathleen Miller, Judge
There are two Justice Courts in Douglas County. These courts have jurisdiction to handle traffic offenses, violations, small claims, civil suits, FED cases (landlord-tenant evictions), and criminal cases up to a Class A misdemeanor. In addition, Justice Courts may hold preliminary hearings, issue arrest and search warrants, and conduct felony arraignments. Justice Courts do not handle felony cases, nor do they deal with libel, slander, or disputes over title to property. Civil cases heard by the Justice Courts involve disputes between parties, and are limited up to sums of $10,000. A Justice of the Peace may also perform marriage ceremonies anywhere in the State of Oregon.

The Justice of the Peace is in charge of the Justice Court and is elected for a six-year term by voters in the justice district. There are two justice districts in Douglas County with courts in Canyonville, and Reedsport. Justices of the Peace must be registered voters in the County in which they are elected, buy they are not required to be attorneys.

Justice Courts possess the same scope of responsibility as the former State District Courts. The primary function of Justice Courts is to relieve case load pressure from the Circuit Courts in Roseburg, and to serve the outlying areas of the County. Justice Courts are not State Courts as they are funded by the County.

Juvenile Courthouse - Room CH 105A (541) 440-4409 Aric Fromdahl , Director

The Juvenile Department is responsible for promoting public safety by holding youth who have committed law violations accountable for their delinquent acts, providing youth with opportunities to restore their victims and the community, and for offering reformation services to assist youth in becoming productive and responsible citizens. The Department works closely with the court, law enforcement agencies, schools, community members, service providers, and other stakeholders to fulfill its duties. The Department also assists the District Attorney’s Office in processing cases of child abuse and neglect through the court system.

The Juvenile Department consists of the following divisions:

  • The Accountability Services Division screens all cases referred by law enforcement to determine the appropriate levels of service and reformation interventions needed. A Juvenile Deputy District Attorney determines legal merit and prosecutes delinquency cases. Probation Officers supervise youth through both formal and informal probation and facilitate competency development groups. The Accountability Services Division also includes the Roseburg Area Youth Services (R.A.Y.S.) Program which is an early intervention program run through a collaboration with the Roseburg Police Department, Juvenile Restoration Work Crew (youth ages 12 to 15), ODOT Work Crew (youth ages 16 to 17), and a Victim Advocate who provides assistance and information to individuals who have been victims’ of crime perpetrated by juvenile offenders.
  • The Support Services Division prepares all legal court papers, coordinates with court personnel for docket scheduling, and handles all clerical services.
  • The Juvenile Detention & Shelter Care Facility houses youth offenders and provides residential programming. The Detention Unit has the capacity for 32 detention beds, which includes a 30-day extended detention program. Detention is an essential resource for holding youth offenders accountable for their actions and providing public safety. Youth are received in the Detention Unit from law enforcement agencies or by court order. The Shelter Unit has the capacity to house up to 16 youth. The Shelter operates a residential treatment program for youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system, as well as a short-term residential program for youth who are placed through the Department of Human Services or the Douglas County Mental Health Division.

Land Department Courthouse - Room 116 (541) 440-4300 Vacant
The Douglas County Land Department has three primary responsibilities: Real Property Management; Forest Management. Real Property duties include the acquisition of properties for County projects, managing and selling surplus and tax foreclosed properties, and administration of County leases. The Forest Management section is responsible for managing County owned forest lands, and providing forestry advice and services to other County departments. Activities include logging, planting, vegetation management and timber cruising/appraisal The Woodlands Assistance Program provides technical forestry advice to private non-industrial woodland owners in Douglas County.

Law Library Justice Bldg - Room 305 (541) 440-4341 Beverly Vargas, Librarian
The Douglas County Law Library is open to the public. Books are for reference use only; they cannot be checked-out. A computer is available for legal research. Staff is available to help patrons locate materials or links that may aid in an individual search. Staff cannot provide legal advice, which includes recommending or assisting in the preparation of legal forms. (ORS 9.160) Please see our website for open hours and general information links. For questions or help with the links, please call or email the law library. Oregon law libraries receive funding based on revenues from civil action filing fees.

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Management & Finance
Tax Collector
Treasury Office
Courthouse - Room 302 (541) 440-4476 Jessica Hansen, Chief Financial Officer
Management & Finance (Courthouse - Room 302)
Management and Finance is headed by the Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for all accounting and financial reporting for Douglas County. All transactions (both incoming and outgoing) are processed and reported according to statutory requirements. Major functions of Management and Finance include: processing invoices and warrants; processing payroll; preparing the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report; preparing the proposed budget for consideration by the Budget Committee; and purchasing materials, supplies and services. Management and Finance also provides the following services for County departments: purchase of office supplies; printing; mail processing and distribution; and shipping and receiving freight.

Tax: (Courthouse - Room 205)
The Tax Department is headed by the Tax Collector and is responsible for the collection of taxes. Over 74,000 tax statements are mailed out each year. The Department collects taxes for Real Property (land, homes), Personal Property (equipment), and Manufactured Structures. The Department is also responsible for distribution of the money collected to the proper taxing districts, and handling all County bankruptcy cases.

Treasury Office: (Courthouse - Room 324)
Management & Finance maintains records for the receipt, investment and payment of County funds on a daily basis for both County funds and the funds of various taxing districts. Treasury receipts all revenue received by Douglas County and holds those funds for the appropriate taxing entity. All the County’s taxing districts rely on this office to receipt tax revenues, invest them, and then disburse them to the districts in the correct percentages (interest included). In Douglas County, there are more than 125 taxing districts which include schools, fire departments, water and sewer districts, and cities.

Museum 123 Museum Drive (541) 957-7007 James Davis, Director
The Douglas County Museum of History and Natural History, established by the Board of Commissioners in 1969, is a 1989 recipient of the Award of Merit from the American Association for State and Local History for excellence and leadership in the field of local history. The Museum maintains permanent exhibits at its main facility on I-5 at exit 123 (County Fairgrounds) and in the Coastal Visitors Center at Winchester Bay. Additionally, the Museum provides traveling exhibits to several community centers, to schools countywide, and to the Umpqua Discovery Center in Reedsport. The Museum's Research Library is a center for scholarship concerning the history of the County and Southern Oregon.

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Parks Department Justice Bldg - Room 116 (541) 957-7001 Rocky Houston, Director
The Park Department maintains and operates around 53 parks throughout the County ranging in size from small waysides to large fully developed day use parks. The Parks Department is located at 1036 SE Douglas Street Rm# 116, Justice Building, Roseburg, OR 97470.

Parks within the system offer the user a broad range of recreational opportunities and experiences. For example, River Forks Park is an intensely developed park offering group and social recreational opportunities for all ages. Overnight camping is provided at Chief Miwaleta Campground, Whistlers Bend, Stanton, Amacher, Pass Creek, Umpqua Dunes RV Park, Windy Cove and Half Moon Bay.

Water oriented recreation opportunities are abundant. The Park Department maintains parks on Cooper Creek, Ben Irving and Galesville reservoirs, and is actively involved in boat ramp development and improvement along the County's rivers.

On the coast, the Park Department has three campgrounds near the National Dunes Recreation Area that supports OHV enthusiasts. There is also a whale watching station which overlooks the dunes and the ocean.

Planning Justice Bldg - Room 106 (541) 440-4289 Joshua Shaklee, Director
The Planning Department provides technical assistance and information to the public and local officials, administers the County land use regulations, and supports a variety of planning related programs. The Department is organized into five major sections including: Administrative (ordinance administration and Planning Commission business); Long Range (comprehensive planning and citizen involvement); Geotechnical (mapping, graphics, drafting, addressing, and Geographic Information System); Community Services (assistance to cities, on site sewer); and Clerical (notices, meetings, and public assistance).

The Department's primary functions include: staff support to governing bodies; ordinance administration (zoning, land divisions, etc.); clearance for all building and placement permits; comprehensive planning, special studies, inventories, coastal planning; base mapping, brochure development and addressing; public assistance; special project support to the Board of Commissioners; and miscellaneous technical functions.

Public Assistance is a primary area of emphasis for the Department. The Department provides staffing to the County's Planning Commission, Historic Resource Review Committee, Committee for Citizen Involvement, and nine regional Planning Advisory Committees, in addition to the Board of Commissioners. The Department works closely with other County Departments, State and local agencies, and the public.

Public Works Courthouse - Room 304    
  Administration (541) 440-4208 Scott Adams P.E. - Director
  Administrative Services (541) 440-4208 Scott Adams P.E. - Director
  Engineering (541) 440-4481 Josh Heacock, Div. Manager.
  Natural Resources (541) 440-4255 Josh Heacock, Div. Manager.
  Operations & Maintenance (541) 440-4268 Garrett McGraw, Div. Supervisor.
  Transportation Services (541) 957-3789
The Public Works Department consists of five divisions: Administration, Administrative Services, Engineering, Natural Resources and Operations & Maintenance. Administration provides direction and support to all divisions. The Administrative Services Division is a centralized cost accounting and budgeting division that is responsible for accounts payable/receivable, personnel/time records, special waste permits. The Engineering Division is responsible for design of all road and bridge projects within the County, including contract administration. The Natural Resources Division is responsible for all water projects and water resources management within the County including operation of the Galesville and Berry Creek dams. The Operations and Maintenance Division is responsible for operating and maintaining the County road system and 12 solid waste transfer stations. This includes road maintenance, signing, striping, vegetation control, solid waste operations, recycling and Adopt-A-Highway program.

Salmon Harbor PO Box 1007, Winchester Bay (541) 271-3407 Keith Tymchuk, Interim Harbor Manager
Salmon Harbor is one of the largest recreational and tourist facilities on the Oregon Coast. Originally developed by Douglas County, Salmon Harbor operates under the supervision of the Salmon Harbor Management Committee (SHMC) as part of an adopted intergovernmental agreement between the Port of Umpqua and Douglas County. The SHMC consists of the one member appointed by Douglas County, one member appointed by Port of Umpqua, and a third member selected jointly by the County and Port.

The objective of Salmon Harbor, as provided by ordinance, is to facilitate and promote recreation, tourism and water related commercial and marine industrial activities in the Winchester Bay area. The staff at Salmon Harbor are responsible for administering the rules and regulations governing daily and long range operations.

Salmon Harbor also offers state of the art RV accommodations at Winchester Bay RV Resort. Their office is open seven (7) days a week and can be reached at (541) 271-0287.

Fuel and propane is available at Salmon Harbor for all ATV, marine and vehicle fueling at the upland fuel station located on Ork Rock Road and at the fuel dock for mariners.

The Salmon Harbor office is open five (5) days a week accommodating tourists and recreational fishermen who come to enjoy the many opportunities for boating, shopping, moorage, RV camping, fishing, crabbing, and sightseeing.

Senior Services Department Courthouse - Room CH 221 (541) 440-3677 Jeanne Wright, Director
Our intent is simple, to provide services and supports to older adults and family care givers of any age by providing opportunities for enhanced health and life enrichment while living independently at home. Trained skilled case managers listen to each person to identify their strengths, needs and offer a number of resource options. These service opportunities vary depending on each persons need and situation and can include: Meals on Wheels, dining meal sites, nutrition education, wellness education and classes, legal assistance, family caregiver service including support groups, educational classes for the caregiver, fall prevention, counseling and option counseling, care in the home services, and the local Aging and Disability Resource Center or ADRC is housed in our office and can provide information, assistance and referrals to services and community resources.

Sheriff's Office Justice Bldg - Room 210 (541) 440-4450 John Hanlin, Sheriff
The Sheriff is the County's chief law enforcement officer, and is a non-partisan electee for a four-year term. The Sheriff's Office is the County's chief law enforcement agency, but operates in concert with state and municipal agencies. The Sheriff's Office is responsible for criminal investigations, county road patrol, operation and maintenance of the 284-bed County Jail, and carrying out the civil and criminal processes and orders of the State and County court systems. Additionally, the Sheriff oversees the operations of the Search and Rescue, Disaster Preparedness, and Neighborhood Watch programs. In addition, the Sheriff's Office provides contractual endorsement services to several Douglas County cities.

Emergency Communications 911
The Communications 911 Division was established in 1977 to provide communications for the Sheriff's Office 911 service to citizens of Douglas County. It has grown at a steady rate and currently provides 911 service to all Douglas County citizens, communications service to 6 police agencies, 28 fire departments, and 5 ambulance companies. Emergency calls for Reedsport Police and Oregon State Police are relayed to their own dispatch centers.

Surveyor's Office Justice Building - Room 105 (541) 440-4272 Kris DeGroot, Surveyor
The County Surveyor is an elected official with a four-year term of office. The person holding this office must be a registered land surveyor. The Surveyor's Office is responsible for maintaining records for all land surveys done in Douglas County; restoring, preserving, and documenting major land corners that were originally surveyed by the Federal Government in the 1850's; and checking subdivisions, land partitions, and boundary surveys presented by private surveyors for filing. In addition, the Surveyor's Office is the repository for plot maps, State and County road right-of-way plans, aerial photographs, and other various survey information. Copies of all filed survey maps and photos are available to the public and are reproduced for a small fee.
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Treasurer's Office Courthouse - Room 320 (541) 440-4244 Richard Robert Filley, Treasurer
The County Treasurer is an elected official with a four-year term of office. The Treasurer is responsible for investments..

Veterans Services Courthouse - Room 7 (541) 440-4219 Mary A. Newman-Keyes, Veterans Service Officer
The primary function of the Veterans Service Office is to counsel, advise and assist all veterans and their survivors or dependent parents in obtaining the benefits provided for them by County, State and Federal laws. These benefits vary depending on each individual and can include hospitalization, education, compensation, pensions, home loans, insurance, and property tax exemptions. The Veterans Service Office also assists women veterans in obtaining benefits to which they are entitled.

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