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Title 1 General Provisions
Code Adoption
General Provisions
General Penalty
Title 2 Administration and Personnel
Board of Commissioners
County Counsel
Tourism Development Commission
Industrial Development Board
County Museum
Authority To Enter Upon Property
Property Condemnation
Initiative, Referendum and Advisory Ballot Measures
Unclaimed Property
Reduced Redemption Period for Tax Foreclosed Property
Public Land Corner Preservation Account
Oregon State University Extension Service
Debt Limitation
Veterans Advisory Committee
County Surveryor
Title 3 Revenue and Finance
Public Services Contracts
County Accountant
Contract Review Board
Financing Local Improvements
Fiscal Assistance for Cities (repealed)
Fiscal Assistance for City Street and Bridge Work
Phoenix School Loan (repealed)
Douglas County Law Enforcement Medical Liability Account
Water Resources
Title 4 (Reserved)
Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations
Cable Communications
Title 6 Animals
Administration of Title 6
Dog Control
Dangerous Dogs
Animal Shelter
Predatory Animals
Spay and Neuter Program
Animal Rescue Entities
Title 7 (Reserved)
Title 8 Health and Safety
Gypsy Moth Control
Tobacco Vending Machine
Ambulance Service Ordinance
Environmental Health Enforcement
Sanitation Code
Title 9 Public Peace, Morals and Welfare
Drug Paraphernalia
Civil Forfeiture of Criminal Proceeds (repealed)
Financial Assistance for Community Guardianship and Conservatorship Program
Moratorium on Medical Marijuana Facilities
Title 10 Vehicles and Traffic
Fairground Parking Restrictions
Truck Routes
ATV Diversion Ordinance
Title 11 (Reserved)
Title 12 Roads, Sidewalks and Public Places
Ways of Necessity
Public Roads Under County Jurisdiction
RS 2477 Roads
Salmon Harbor
County Parks
Galesville Project and Wildlife Area
Title 13 Public Services
Sewer Definitions
Administration and Enforcement
Glide-Idleyld Sewerage System Panel
Sewer Use Required
Sewer Connections
Sewer Use Regulations
Sewer Design and Construction Requirements
Sewer Extensions
Service and Connection Fees
General Provisions
Administration and Enforcement
Existing Franchises and Recycling Services
Collection Service Franchise--Requirements
Land Disposal Site Franchise--Requirements
Transfer Station Franchise--Requirements
Limited Recycling Service Franchise--Requirements
Franchise Issuance Procedure
Franchisee Responsibilities
Transfer of Franchise
Provision for Recycling Opportunities
Interruption of Service
Rate Setting Procedure
Suspension, Modification and Termination of Franchises
Solid Waste Disposal Fees
Title 14 (Reserved)
Title 15 Buildings and Construction
Title 16 (Reserved)
Title 17 Land Use
Woodland Management
Salmon Habitat Improvement
Livestock District Annexation
Federal Government's Authority to Hold and Manage Certain Property
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