Save Time and File Your Personal Property Form Online!

Douglas County Assessor’s Office

The online filing of your Personal Property form was designed designed to provide a convenient and efficient optional method of submitting your personal property return.   To make your online filing as smooth as possible, please take a few minutes to gather your information before you begin.

Before You Begin to File Your Form Online

Use the following checklist to ensure that you have all the information you need to file your schedule.  Not every category will apply to your business, so just select the ones that do as you gather the information you will need to file online. Follow this link to Frequently Asked Questions regarding personal property returns for more information.

  • All instructions included with your paper form apply to online filing as well. Please read all instructions as failure to provide all required information may result in the rejection of your filing as incomplete. You may use the online filing feature ONCE for the current year. Should you discover changes after you have submitted your online form you must file the complete paper form, providing an amended copy of your submitted online filing is not acceptable.
  • Your business PIN number that can be found on the bright pink form included with your PPR.
  • General data regarding your business such as:
    • Location of Business
    • Type of Business Activity
    • Telephone Number
    • List of All Persons Authorized to View Your Confidential Filing
  • Asset list – Deletions and additions made during -1, including assets transferred in or out of the county prior to January 1st, .
  • Information regarding leased equipment used by the business.
  • Attachments – If you need to include attachments, follow this link >>> Follow this link for information regarding attachments. for more information. Note: If you have attachments, and choose not to file them online, you must use your paper form for filing.

By gathering and organizing your information ahead of time, it will be easy to follow the online form.  You will be able to save and preview throughout the process and print a copy of your final rendition. Online forms and attachments will not be accepted after .

Please be aware that using a dial-up connection to make your online filing may require extra time if you are making numerous changes to your form. We advise that you use Internet Explorer or an IE add-on. It has been reported that there are issues with Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Click here for an add-on for Mozilla Firefox, IE Tab.

If you experience any technical errors regarding the online process, please call the Douglas County Assessor's Office at (541)440-4222 and ask for technical support. Technical Support will help you with technical issues, but are not informed on statutes or filing procedures.

File Personal Property Return Online