Confidential Personal Property Return (ORS308.290)

2019 Schedule 5A -- Add All Other Taxable Personal Property

Attention: Filing Deadline is March 15, 2019

PENALTY- Maximuim penalty for late filing of personal property return is 50 percent of the tax attributable to the taxable personal property. (ORS 308.296)

Add Other Taxable Details form
You must indicate whether new or used at the time of acquisition and provide the model year or approximate age at time of acquisition. You must provide all required (*) information on this form or your filing will be considered incomplete and subject to penalty.

*DESCRIPTION(vague and general descriptions are not acceptable): What is required here? *Item Quantity:
Asset Number: *Cost Each  $:
*Make,Model or Other Identification: What is required here? Owner Opinion of Market Value  $:
*Year Manufactured:      
*Item "New" or "Used": Comments:
*Acquisition Date: Link to a date picker.  (mm-dd-yyyy)
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Remember: The Filing Deadline for this Return is March 15, 2019.

Douglas County Assessor's Office
Courthouse Room 206
Roseburg, Oregon  97470