Confidential Personal Property Return(ORS308.290)

2019 Schedule 1 -- Add Leased or Rented Personal Property(s)

Attention: Filing Deadline is March 15, 2019

PENALTY- Maximuim penalty for late filing a personal property return is 50 percent of the tax attributable to the taxable personal property. (ORS 308.296)

Add Lease/Rent Details form
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*Name of Second Party Involved in Lease/Rent Agreement: *Who is the Payer of Taxes to the County:
*Street Address: *Date Agreement Began: Link to Date Picker. 
*City, State Zip: *Length of Agreement:
*Description of Leased Asset: *No of Units:
*Item Make, Model, or Other ID
*Model Year: *Original Cost Each:
*Rent Cycles: Owner Opinion of Market Value:
*Rent Amount: Asset Number
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Remember: The Filing Deadline for this Return is March 15, 2019.