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Database Downloads - Login (Requires subscription username/password)
  - Parcel info for City of Roseburg
- Farm Property Roll (farm.csv)
- 2009 Certified Values Property Roll
- 2010 Certified Values Property Roll
- 2011 Certified Values Property Roll
- 2012 Certified Values Property Roll
- 2013 Certified Values Property Roll
- 2014 Certified Values Property Roll
- Forest Property Roll (forest.csv)
- Improvement/Building Components (impbuild.csv)
- Improvement/Building Components (impbuild.mdb)
- Improvements Detail (impdtail.mdb)
- Improvement and Segment info for all PropIds (ImpSegs.mdb)
- Improvement Segments for each property account (impsegs.csv)
- Land Property Roll (land.csv)
- Download for Planning(KW)
- Land Segments for each property account (landsegs.csv)
- MH Structures not in parks (mhnotprk.csv)(1 of 2 files)
- MH Structures in parks (mhparks.csv)(2 of 2 files)
- Mobile Home & Park Detail (moblhome.mdb)
- Multi-Family w/ Apt Property Roll (multi.csv)
- Certified Property Roll Values (proprol.csv)
- Certified Roll & Present Owner (Proproll.csv)
- Propdump Roll Values (proproll.mdb)
- Master Property Roll 2014 (PUBOAA.mdb)
- Sales Data Last 3 Years (sales.csv)
- Sales Data Last 3 Years (sales.mdb)
- Free Demo - Sales Data Last 3 Years (Access) (mdb)
- Free Demo - Sales Data Last 3 Years (Access) (zip)
- Free Demo - Examples of CSV files (Excel)

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Data Codes and Descriptions

          Database Download Codes

          (1) County Property Class Listing

          (2) County Neighborhood Codes

          (3) County Location Codes

          (4) County Land Table Codes

          (5) Improvement Type Codes w/descriptions

          (6) Improvement 'Segment' Type Codes w/descriptions

          (7) Improvement Attribute Code Descriptions

          (8) Sale Confirmation Codes

      FTP Site for Assessment Data

Digital Mapping for Utility Companies(must use appropriate mapping software)NOTE! Projection for the Shape Files are in NAD83, Oregon State Plane South, also in Feet.
--------->Utility ShapeFiles(DBF format)2014
--------->Utility ShapeFiles(SHP format)2014
--------->Utility ShapeFiles(SHX format)2014

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