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2017 Pavement Preservation Projects
Paving of Eagle Valley Rd:  Fourth Street to I-5

Crack Seal
Roseburg District-

    • Carnes Rd
    • Speedway Rd
    • Grant Smith Rd
    • Stella St
    • Ingram Dr
    • Green Siding Rd
    • Industrial Dr

Slurry Seal
Roseburg District-

    • Stella St (Austin Rd to Jensen Ct)
    • Ingram Dr
    • Green Siding Rd
    • Industrial Dr

Chip Seal
Reedsport District-
    • Loon Lake Rd
    • Soup Creek Rd
    • Deans Creek Rd
    • Carlson Rd
Sutherlin District-
    • Driver Valley Rd
    • Green Valley Rd
    • Manning Rd

Roseburg District-
    • Melrose Rd (Melqua Rd to Flournoy Valley Rd)
    • Flournoy Valley Rd
    • Touchstone Rd
    • Coos Bay Wagon Rd (MP 8.8 to Flournoy Valley Rd)
    • Sunshine Rd
    • Douglas Ave

Myrtle Creek District-
    • N Myrtle Rd (Bilger Creek Rd to Frozen Creek Rd)
    • Boomer Hill Rd

2017 Road Improvement Projects
N Comstock Rd: W Central Ave to Laurel Ave

2017 Bridge and Culvert Projects
Replacement of Jennings Bridge: Olalla Creek Rd Milepost 2.85