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The Douglas County Planning Commission

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The agenda will include: 1) GARDEN VALLEY ESTATES, LLC, remand of a request for a Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Zone Change based on a Non-Resource Determination, on a 259 acre parcel located on Garden Valley County Road 6 at its intersection with Del Rio County Road 31C, adjacent to the Riversdale Rural Community. Callahan Planning Advisory Committee (PAC). P/D File No. 07-230A; and 2) ODOT, appeal of the Planning Directorís Decision approving a request for a Conditional Use Permit to allow the realignment of a section of Old Highway 99 North through Resource-zoned land, to accommodate ODOTís Del Rio Road Bridge Replacement Project. The properties are located on the east side of Old Highway 99 North, north from its intersection with Umpqua College County Road No. 284, north of Roseburg. Roseburg-Green PAC. P/D File No. 08-131.

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