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The Douglas County Historic Resource Review Committee was created by the Board of County Commissioners to advise the Board about the County’s historic resources. The Committee consists of seven appointed voting members and the directors of the Douglas County Museum and Planning Department.
The County’s Historic Ordinance provides that voting members shall include one professional historian or history instructor; a representative of an organized and active Indian tribe; two representatives of historically oriented organizations; and three citizens at large possessing a broad knowledge or architecture, archaeology, law, finance or local history and who have an interest in conserving the County’s cultural and historical resources. The term of appointment is four years. The Committee meets three or four times a year in addition to required semi-annual meetings.
The membership of the Historic Resource Review Committee, the area they represent and position they hold are as follows:

Tribal Representative Robert Van Norman South County
Historic Society Representative Judith Bacon Roseburg-Douglas
Historic Society Representative Cynthia Gardiner Calapooya
At Large Gerald Briggs South County
History Instructor Shirley Lindell North County
At Large Aileen Palmer North County
At Large Betty L. Mack Callahan
The duties of the Committee are carried out in the course of regular workshop meetings. Their responsibilities include: evaluation of the County’s Inventoried historic resources, recommendation to the Board of resources deserving Douglas County protection, promotion of historic district formation, consideration of nomination to the County Historic Register, review of decisions regarding demolition and alteration permit requests that are appealed to the Committee and other matters referred to the Committee. Meetings of the Committee are open to the public.
The Committee also participates in the State’s Historic Recognition Program. The State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation requests and considers the Committee evaluation of County resources in their recommendation of nominations to the National Register of Historic Places.
Committee participation is a vital part of the nationwide preservation program. Citizens, interested in Douglas County’s history, have an opportunity through Committee participation to be active in the preservation of the County’s heritage of historic resources.
  Historic Resource Review Committee:
The Douglas County Historic Resource Review Committee meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, at 3:00 p.m.

The meetings are located at:

Douglas County Courthouse
Justice Building
1036 SE Douglas Avenue RM JB 103
Roseburg, Oregon, unless otherwise notified.

The next Douglas County Historic Resource Review Committee meeting is scheduled for

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 3:00 p.m.,
Douglas County Courthouse RM JB 103.

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Historic Resource Review Committee Minutes:  
2019 | 2018

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