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Douglas County Juvenile Department

Annual Report Card

  Fiscal Year 2012-13 Report Card
  Fiscal Year 2011-12 Report Card
  Fiscal Year 2010-11 Report Card
  Fiscal Year 2009-10 Report Card
  2009-10 Slide Show Presentation From 10/27/10 Community Presentation
  Evaluation Study: The Impact of the Juvenile Justice Services on Public Safety in Douglas County: An Examination of the Progression of Juvenile Offenders to the Adult Community Corrections and/or Prison Systems in Oregon
  Video: Part 1 - Juvenile Director Christina McMahan presenting Slides #1 thru #42 regarding performance measurement results of the '4th Annual Report Card to the Community'
  Video:Part 2 - Research & Development Manager, Linda Wagner, presenting slides #43 thru #96 regarding 'The Impact of Juvenile Justice Services on Public Safety in Douglas County'
  Fiscal Year 2008-09 Report Card
  2008-09 Slide Show Presentation From 9/21/09 Community Presentation
  Program Evaluations
  Fiscal Year 2007-08 Report Card
  2007-08 Slide Show Presentation
  Report Card Webcast - 12/04/08
  Fiscal Year 2006-07 Report Card