A new WeightWatchers session begins at Noon on Wednesday, February 19, in Room 311 of the Courthouse. Arrive a few minutes early to sign in.


Employee Assistance Program

Professional counselors to help with issues of anger, marriage, depression, and addiction.

Consumer debt issues - consult with a financial advisor.

Legal questions - confer with an attorney.

Career concerns - support to improve and enhance.

Confidentiality - your privacy is fully protected.

Biometric Health Screening


Douglas County is offering comprehensive health screening for
County employees. The health screening is designed to help employees
become more aware of their health status and to provide information on
lifestyle tips to improve their health.

Please note that screening is available by appointment only and will be held at the following times and locations:

Health Department, Roseburg
7-10 AM, Tuesday, March 18

Courthouse, Roseburg
7-10 AM, Wednesday, March 19

Courthouse Annex, Reedsport
7-10 AM, Thursday, March 20

Who may participate?  Opens with adobe reader.
Health screening is FREE for all current and retired employees who are enrolled in Douglas County’s PacificSource Health insurance plan. Non-benefitted employees may purchase the screening at the reduced cost of $55. Results are confidential between the employee and the screening company, Wellness 2000. Your employer will NOT have access to your health screening results.

Biometric Screening Consent Form  Opens with adobe reader.
Please fill out and bring the consent form with you to the screening.

How do I sign up to be screened?  (Link to Appointment-Plus.com)
Sign up online to reserve a screening appointment that fits your schedule. Health screening scheduling instructions are available in this pdf link. If you are unable to sign up online or for more information, please contact Wellness2000 at 1.800.866.8344.

How do I prepare for screening?

  • Do not eat anything 12 hours before your scheduled appointment. If you have diabetes or another health condition, follow your doctor’s instructions for fasting.
  • Drink water, but no other beverages (including coffee or tea) for 12-14 hours before your scheduled appointment.
  • It’s okay to take prescription medications, but do not take over the counter medications (e.g., Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, Contac, Benadryl) or vitamins.
  • Wear a loose fitting, short sleeved top, and add layers to stay warm.
  • Refrain from vigorous exercise 12 hours prior to the screening to ensure optimal results.
  • Do not smoke, chew or use other nicotine products for at least one hour before your screening.

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If you have questions, please contact your Wellness Committee at