ph: (888) 993-7650

Counseling – Up to 8 free sessions with a local provider

Legal Services – access a free, half-hour consultation and receive a 25% discount on hourly attorney fees if representation is necessary

Financial Services – Credit monitoring, identify theft assistance and access to financial counselors

Take the High Road – $45 annual reimbursement for Lyft/Uber/cab fare

Child & Elder Care Referral Service

Travel Arrangement Assistance

...and more!

Services available to all employees and their dependents who are covered on the county-sponsored CIS medical plan


Frequently Asked Questions - Employment


In the event that: You need to do/know: For more information:
I want to know about the County personnel rules Copies of personnel rules are available for review at each department (administration), in Human Resources and on the Douglas County intranet. It is each employee’s responsibility to become familiar with the policies and procedures. * Ask your supervisor for clarification where needed

* Human Resources

* Douglas County intranet (Personnel Rules)

I want to transfer to another department You may apply through the open recruitment process or request to be placed on the Human Resources transfer list. Either process is a confidential service between you and HR. To be placed on the transfer list, you should talk to HR, let us know your interests and complete an updated application. * Human Resources

* Personnel Rule 6.1.3

I am being harassed If you believe you are being sexually harassed, you should tell the harasser to stop the offensive conduct and then report the incident to your supervisor. * Human Resources

* Personnel Rule 20.3

I want to work a second job To participate in paid, outside the County employment, you must submit a written request to your department head who will refer the request to HR with a recommendation. HR will refer to the Board of Commissioners agreeing or disagreeing with your department head. * Your supervisor

* Human Resources

* Personnel Rule 20.2

I travel for the County As a part of your job, you travel for the County, you may either use a County vehicle or your private vehicle. If using your private vehicle, you are eligible for reimbursement for actual miles traveled on official business. Meals and lodging are reimbursed based on established rates and conditions. * Your supervisor

* Human Resources

* County Driver policy

* Personnel Rule 18

I changed employment status

( i.e., from part-time to full-time)


If you are moving from a nonbenefitted to a benefitted position, you will receive an employee packet containing enrollment information regarding insurance options and waiting periods. Enrollment forms should be completed w/i the first 30 days. *See Rule 19

*Contact the Benefits representative in Human Resources

I have a salary change (i.e., promotion or raise) when will I get a raise?


When you receive a promotion, you may receive an immediate increase to the next higher salary rate in the new salary range. Depending on the amount of the increase, your anniversary may or may not be adjusted.

Wage raises are not automatic. As a new employee, you may be eligible for a wage increase either six months or one year from your date of hire. After a work performance evaluation is completed, you are eligible for a salary increase. Your anniversary will be changed to reflect the date of change.

* Personnel Rule 5

I need time away from work


Any time away from your job, must be authorized by your supervisor. For employees budgeted .50 FTE or more, sick and vacation leaves are accrued. Other leaves of absence recognized by the County are: jury duty, job-related leaves, military leave, personal leaves and disability leaves. * For specific sick and vacation rates, maximums and utilization conditions, refer to Personnel Rule 9.

* Other leaves, refer to Personnel Rule 9.

Human Resources

New Employee Orientation, when is it and what is it? New Employee Orientation is held the last Tuesday of every month (with the exceptions of weeks with holidays that conflict with that day).  If you are new to employment with Douglas County or have moved into a benefited position, you will be invited to the next orientation with is normally held in room 311 of the Courthouse starting at 9 a.m. and ending at noon.

New Employee Orientation is a review of the Personnel Rules.  It also covers the benefit package that is available to all benefited employees

* View the Personnel Rules

* View the Benefit Package

* Human Resources

  Public Works Bargaining Unit employees are insured through AGC Teamsters Trust and will need to contact Earhart Company, administrators of the insurance plan, at 1-800-547-1314 ~~