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Pay Range GC19


This classification is responsible for the management and competency of the environmental health water laboratory where microbiological testing of water and food is performed and multiple health and social services department clinics conducting moderately complex analysis on clinical specimens. The manager also performs specialized duties including microbiological testing of water and food, analyze clinical specimens and maintain laboratory equipment and records. Supervision of other employees is not a responsibility; however, this position does oversee the performance of lab testing performed by clinic staff and coordinates proficiency testing of clinic staff.


(Duties assigned to this classification include, but are not limited to, the following examples.)

1. Oversee performance of laboratory testing in clinics to ensure staff are competent and tests are reported accurately; coordinate and conduct quality assurance and proficiency testing to maintain clinic and water laboratory state and federal certification; conduct validity control including checks on reagents, water, media and equipment for clinics and water laboratory.

2. Supervise and operate water laboratory with general policy and program direction from environmental health director.

3 Perform moderately complex analysis on clinical specimens which include tests such as urinalysis and urine cultures, pinworms, vaginal culture for beta strep and vaginal and stool wetmounts.

4. Perform specialized testing on collected water and food samples in a County environmental health laboratory; prepare growth media; inoculate sample; identify and measure microorganisms; assist in collection of water from streams and public water systems.

5. Maintain and update clinic and water laboratory procedure manuals; maintain laboratory equipment, research materials, supplies, and records.

6. Prepare and maintain records, reports and statistical data as required by departmental policy, federal and state laws and regulations.


Knowledge of: Thorough knowledge for CLIA clinic and laboratory certification requirements; considerable knowledge of microbiological methods, techniques, and procedures as applied to an environmental health laboratory and community health clinics; considerable knowledge of chemistry, physics, and related mathematics; considerable knowledge of microorganisms and their life processes; considerable knowledge of laboratory testing procedures. Skill in: Writing clear and concise correspondence, records, reports, statistical data and procedure manuals; growing cultures; use of related laboratory equipment used in biological testing. Ability to: Communicate effectively in both oral and written form; make close observations and apply procedures and techniques with increasing skill and to draw conclusions from laboratory observations and identify microorganisms; establish and maintain records and statistical data; make decisions independently in accordance with established policies and procedures, establish new policies when applicable, and use initiative and judgment in completing tasks and responsibilities; utilize problem identification and resolution techniques; work independently and manage time efficiently; courteously meet and deal effectively with other employees, state and federal agencies, boards and the public.

Education, experience and training: Bachelor's degree in medical technology, chemical, physical or biological science and two years laboratory training or experience and two years supervisory experience in a laboratory. At the time of appointment, must possess valid Oregon driver's license.

Must be licensed Medical Technologist and have ASCP registration and meet qualifications required for CLIA clinic and laboratory certification.


Work is performed under general direction from the environmental health director who establishes general policy and program direction. Recurring routine assignments are independently performed by employee on basis of past experience. The employee receives general instructions regarding the scope and approach to projects or assignments, but procedures and problem resolution are left to employee discretion and interpretation. Employee estimates and manages time efficiently. Work is reviewed periodically to ensure determinations and decisions made are in compliance to department policy and procedures.


Work is performed within established departmental policy and procedures, federal and state statutes, rules, and regulations pertaining to clinics and laboratories; standard water testing reference materials, micro and bacteriology reference materials, OSHA and CLIA regulations, and laboratory equipment manuals. When conducting specific tests, formulas and procedures are closely followed. Employee participates in establishing and maintaining policies and procedures, goals and objectives for the clinics and laboratory.


Regular and consistent attendance is required.  Work is performed mainly at the environmental health laboratory and/or community health clinics; may require bending, crouching, hearing alarms and voice conversation, keyboarding, lifting p to 34 pounds, pulling, pushing, reaching and walking. Work is performed in an environment which shares common exposure to infectious microorganisms. A small amount of time is spent in the field collecting samples. An infrequent amount of time of driving is required.

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