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Douglas County  7210
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Pay Range GC11


This classification provides prevention education and protective equipment to "at risk" population groups in Douglas County in order to protect, maintain and improve health, prevent and reduce incidence of lifestyle related diseases and to prevent the transmission of diseases such as HIV (AIDS virus), sexually transmitted diseases and other communicable diseases found in "at risk" target population groups.


(Duties assigned to this classification include, but are not limited to, the following examples.)

1. Develop and maintain communication networks with specific "at risk" target populations through agencies, individuals in contact with "at risk" population, and "at risk" population in the community.

2. Disseminate educational information on AIDS transmission to "at risk" populations, including drug and alcohol related and sexual risk reduction education.

3. Organize, maintain and distribute materials such as prevention literature, condoms and bleach bottles for the high-risk target population; collect and prepare statistical information for quarterly reports regarding outreach activities.

4. Refer individuals to agencies for initial treatment or follow-up treatment; maintain working knowledge and liaison relationship with various referral services and agencies servicing high-risk population.

5. Conduct AIDS education at facilities such as county correctional facility, Pitchford Youth Ranch, drug and alcohol treatment centers, etc.

6. Serve as staff representative to various committees and groups involved in issues relating to HIV (AIDS virus) and lifestyle related diseases.

7. Prepare records and reports as required by departmental policy and state law.


Knowledge of: Reasonable knowledge of social service practices and procedures which includes treatment planning and counseling of drug and alcohol addiction; basic knowledge of rural community drug usage; reasonable knowledge of HIV (AIDS virus), sexually transmitted diseases, other communicable diseases and risk reduction behavior as it applies to prevention; basic knowledge of human behavior including addictive and alcoholic patterns. Skill in: Establishing and maintaining relationships with target group and social service providers; interviewing and counseling persons regarding sensitive personal behavior with ease and without overt judgment; maintaining records and creating statistical reports. Ability to: Communicate effectively in both written and oral forms; relate to a diverse population of people; work independently and to manage time efficiently; use one on one and/or group presentation skills; operate various audio-visual and other job related equipment; make decisions independently in accordance with established policies and procedures, and use initiative and judgment in completing tasks and responsibilities; remain calm and use good judgment during confrontational or high pressure situations; utilize problem identification and resolution techniques; courteously meet and deal effectively with other employees, "at risk" target population groups, committee and team members, state agencies, service agencies, the community and the public.

Education, experience and training: Two years experience in a social service field (may include volunteer work), which includes area of drug and alcohol addiction, or an equivalent combination of experience and training. At time of appointment, must possess valid Oregon driver's license.

Desirable qualifications: Extensive training and knowledge of the issues of AIDS and HIV+, sexually transmitted diseases and other communicable diseases; knowledge of community service agencies and programs for referrals.


Work is performed under the general direction of the health education program manager who outlines instructions and approves outreach plans. Day to day supervision is available through the supervisor. Employee is responsible to submit weekly outreach plans and submit records of outreach activities. The employee receives general instructions regarding the scope and approach to projects or assignments, but procedures and problem resolution are left to employee discretion and interpretation. Employee estimates and manages time efficiently. Work is reviewed periodically for program conformance and to ensure determinations and decisions made are in compliance to department policy and procedures.


Work is performed within established department policies and procedures, federal and state statutes, rules and regulations; related reference manuals and materials and the grant for the Outreach Project. Employee uses some judgment in determining appropriate procedure.


Regular and consistent attendance is required.  Work is typically performed outdoors with common exposure to communicable disease. Work involves bending, carrying, hearing voice conversation, lifting up to 34 pounds, pushing and walking. Must be able to use sound judgment and precautions in situations where personal health and safety may be compromised. A considerable amount of driving is required.

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