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Douglas County  2440
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Pay Range 423


This classification provides daily, primary nursing services to persons incarcerated in the Douglas County correctional facility in performing physical assessments, implementing a treatment plan to meet emergent medical needs per protocol or refer to physician, and then evaluate results; train medical support staff; interpret policy and procedure.

EXAMPLES OF PRINCIPAL DUTIES (Duties assigned to this classification include, but are not limited to, the following examples.  Any one position may not perform all listed tasks.)

1.  Perform physical assessment of newly admitted inmates and evaluate nature and severity of medical problems, disease or injury, and treat per protocol as directed by RN or refer to provider.

2.  Assist provider in medical and dental clinic areas by providing medical charts, charting orders, assist with minor surgery and dental procedures, maintaining examination room and equipment.  Schedule lab tests, x-rays, dental visits, etc.

3.  Dispense medications; maintain inventory and related recordkeeping.

4.  Establish and maintain inmate medical records.

5.  Interpret department medical policy and procedures, report forms, medical records.  Train less experienced medical staff.


Knowledge of:  Thorough knowledge of nursing theories, principles, practices and procedures as applied in a correctional facility; considerable knowledge of public health laws and regulations that govern medical services provided through a correctional facility; considerable knowledge of medications provided within the facility. Skill in: Interviewing and counseling techniques; administering immunizations, medications and performing lab tests.  Ability to: Communicate effectively in both oral and written forms; utilize screening and assessment skills to evaluate nature and severity of medical condition, disease or injury, and treat appropriately; plan/consult with physicians and correction deputies; work within a correctional facility setting under stressful situations; make decisions independently in accordance with established policies, establish new policy when applicable, and use initiative and judgment in carrying out tasks and responsibilities; manage time efficiently; establish and maintain records, reports, and statistical data; courteously meet and deal effectively with other employees, clients and families,  physicians and the public.

Education, experience and training:  Diploma in practical nursing or associate diploma which provides required knowledge and skills necessary to perform duties of position.  At time of appointment, must possess current Oregon LPN license.

Desirable qualifications:  Work experience in a correctional facility.


This classification works under the general direction of a nurse practitioner.  Recurring routine assignments are independently performed by employee on basis of past experience.  The employee receives general instructions regarding the scope and approach to projects or assignments, but procedures and problem resolution are left to the employee's discretion and interpretation. Employee estimates and manages time efficiently.  Work is reviewed periodically to ensure determinations and decisions made are in compliance to department policy and procedures.


Work is performed within established department policy, procedures and directives; federal, state, county and local statutes, rules, regulations and ordinances; union contract; medical references; court rulings; inmate rule book; accepted procedures within law enforcement profession; equipment manuals.  Incumbent has to remain current on guidelines and uses considerable judgment in interpreting laws or guidelines and determining which laws to enforce then follows procedures and laws closely due to nature of work.


Regular and consistent attendance is required.  Work is performed in a correctional facility with security restrictions and in direct contact with inmates.  Physical demands involve bending, climbing stairs, hearing alarms, keyboarding, lifting up to 35 pounds, stooping and walking.  Considerable attention is given to employee’s personal safety.

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