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Douglas County  1790
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Pay Range GC29L


This classification performs professional legal work encompassing all aspects and stages of very difficult and complex cases prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office.  This position directly supervises all Deputy District Attorney’s, legal and support staff.  This position acts on behalf of the District Attorney, and may speak for the District Attorney.


(Duties assigned to this classification include, but are not limited to, the following examples.)

1. Supervise the administrative and legal functions of the district attorney’s office including all personnel matters involving attorneys and support staff.

2. Assist the district attorney in budget formulation and projection, analysis and interpretation of data, and all aspects of personnel administration.

3. Represent the District Attorney; assist in formulating, establishing and maintaining department policies and procedures and setting up new programs.

4. Supervise the District Attorney’s Office participation in the representation of the State in child support, judicial dependency and delinquency matters, judicial and administrative proceedings.

5. Supervise the District Attorney’s Office participation in the Douglas County Major Crime Team, child abuse multidisciplinary team, elder abuse multidisciplinary team, support enforcement and consumer protection unit, victim assistance services and programs.

6. Prepare and present complex and/or significant cases for trial in circuit court.  Reviews case, determines all investigation is complete; interviews and selects appropriate witnesses; interviews victims; researches and responds to legal arguments; conducts legal research; prepares witnesses to present testimony; presents case to Court conducting direct and cross examination; drafts legal documents; counsels with defense attorneys.

7. Perform intake procedures; review incoming police or crime reports, determine if crime occurred, whether it warrants prosecution and, if adequate evidence is available, draft appropriate legal documents and file formal charges.

8.  Prepare and appear at various non-trial court appearances; pre-trial motions, pleas, sentencing, restitution, various hearings, arraignment.

9.  Prepare and present cases to grand jury.

10.  Advise law enforcement officials regarding procedural questions; prepare legal documents; i.e., search warrants, arrest warrants; request, direct and/or participate in case investigation and evidence evaluation.

11. Review state and federal case law and legislative and administrative changes.

12. Attend various community events to represent the District Attorney’s Office.


Knowledge of: Thorough knowledge of legal principles, procedures, terminology, forms and legal analysis; thorough knowledge of substantive and procedural criminal (statutory and constitutional), civil including civil forfeiture laws, child support laws, tax and bankruptcy laws, administrative regulations and case law; thorough knowledge of administrative hearings, courtroom and trial procedures including state, federal, trial and appellate courts and Oregon rules of evidence; considerable knowledge of investigative techniques, scientific laboratory analysis techniques and procedures for case preparation.  Skill in: Forceful courtroom case presentation; analyzing facts, evidence, cases, statutes, and precedents to arrive at logical conclusions; proper technique in handling exhibits and documents; writing clear and concise reports, records, legal documents and statistical data.  Ability to: Communicate effectively and persuasively in oral and written forms; manage legal cases including preparing and presenting cases for trial in court; analyze and evaluate statements of witnesses, victims and obtain evidence; analyze financial data as it pertains to child support enforcement; effectively negotiate cases with defense attorneys ; supervise and provide advice and guidance to attorney and support staff; make decisions independently in accordance with established policy and procedures, establish or monitor new policy, and use initiative and judgment in completing tasks and responsibility; work independently, use judgment during stressful situations and use time efficiently; remain calm and use good judgment during confrontational or high pressure situations; courteously meet and deal effectively with other employees, clients, victims, witnesses, media, professionals, state agencies, law enforcement officials, attorneys, courts and the public.

Qualifications: Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree and 6 or more years of progressively responsible work experience as an attorney, including at least one year supervisory experience.  At time of appointment, must be a member of the Oregon Bar Association.


This position works with general guidance from the district attorney.


Work is performed within established department policy and procedures; federal, state, and county statutes, rules and regulations; criminal codes, Rules of Professional Ethics; court procedures and rules; Oregon Court of Appeals and Supreme Court case precedents, sentencing guidelines, Oregon Bar Association reference material and accepted procedures within legal profession.  Incumbent must remain current on guidelines and use experience and considerable independent judgment in interpreting and choosing appropriate guidelines.


Regular and consistent attendance is required.  Work is mostly sedentary and is performed in an office or courtroom setting; requires hearing voice conversations, keyboarding, lifting up to 14 pounds, sitting and walking.  Driving may be required.

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