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Low-cost TDAP Immunization

Beginning immediately, Douglas County Public Health is providing low-cost Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis) immunization to anyone age 10 through 64. Adolescents and adults should receive a single dose of Tdap to replace a single dose of Td for booster immunization. The cost is $15.00, and vaccine is available during regular walk-in immunization clinic hours. The fee will be waived for those who cannot afford to pay. The Tdap vaccine promotion is made possible by the Oregon Immunization Program to help reduce the incidence of Pertussis (also known as whooping cough).

In the last several years, four babies in Oregon have died from Pertussis disease. “The importance of immunizations cannot be underestimated when we have children dying from preventable diseases,” said Peggy Kennerly, Director of the Douglas County Health Department. With the availability of low-cost Tdap immunization, Public Health hopes to prevent further disease and deaths.

Beginning in September 2008, a dose of Tdap vaccine will be required for most Oregon 7th graders. Public Health officials hope the low-cost immunization will encourage parents to immunize their children early, before the back-to-school rush. It’s important to update your child’s school records with any new immunizations received.

The most common sources of Pertussis in children are caregivers and loved ones: parents, grandparents, siblings, daycare workers, health professionals, and teachers often carry the disease, but don’t realize they are passing it on to children.

Douglas County Public Health will offer low-cost Tdap immunization at the “Feeling Great in 2008--Health and Fun Fair” at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, Monday, May 5, from 11AM – 6PM.

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