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Mental Health
Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA) Program

Program Mission Statement:

The Early Assessment & Support Alliance (EASA) Program provides education and support to young people who are experiencing early signs on psychosis so they can continue on their normal life path.

Program Description:

EASA is a two year outreach and treatment program for young people ages 15 to 25 who reside in Douglas County, who have experienced a first episode of psychosis or at risk symptoms within the last year that are not caused by a medical condition or substance abuse. Early symptoms are often subtle, but can be debilitating . They affect young people's ability to complete schoolwork, interact socially and accomplish daily tasks.

Common early symptoms include:

  • Changes to the brain's working memory and ability to organize
  • Reduced ability to filter out information
  • Sensory sensitvity


Later symptoms of psychosis include:

  • Hallucinations (hearing and seeing things that others don't)
  • Delusions (bizarre, out-of-character, fixed beliefs)
  • Disturbances to speech, emotional expression and movement

Please see our brochure for more information, EASA Brochure

EASA clinical teams consisting of medical and mental health professionals, vocational and occupational therapists work to achieve the following:

  • Build community awareness
  • Identify people who are experiencing psychosis as early as possible
  • Establish a trusting relationship based on respect and genuine belief in the person's ability
  • Provide a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the person's medical condition, strengths, goals and needs
  • Stabilize the person's symptoms and living situation
  • Preserve the person's family and informal support systems
  • Help the person and family develop the skills, knowledge and social support needed to be successful in managing the condition in the long run
  • Successfully transition young people to the ongoing supports and services in the community
  • Seek to learn from those we serve and integrate that knowledge into ongoing program development

Some of the services offered by EASE include:

  • Provide rapid access to psychiatric and counseling services
  • Educate about the causes, treatment and management of psychosis; rights for employment, school and housing and resources
  • Provide support and education groups
  • Support for vocational, educational and independent living goals
  • Mentor and volunteer opportunities
  • Life skills coaching
  • Offer 24/7 crisis services
  • Identify links to community resources

Program Expected Outcomes:

To improve outomes related to schizophrenia, including improving one's chances of completing school, successfully obtaining work and living independently

Program Eligibility Information:

Young adults ages 15-25 who are residents of Douglas County who have experienced a first episode of psychosis within the last year and whose symptoms are not caused by a medical condition or substance abuse. EASA services are not restricted by income.


EASA Information

Call 541-440-3532


How to Reach Us

Mental Health
621 W Madrone
Roseburg, OR 97470
Phone: 541-440-3532
or 541-530-2834
Toll Free: 800-234-0985
Fax: 541-957-3790
TTY: 541-464-3810

Young people talking.

Program Referral Process:

Please contact a member of the EASA team to discuss if EASA is appropriate for you. An EASA team member can meet with you to determine if your symptoms are appropriate for EASA. They can also assist you with referrals for other services if EASA is not right for you.


Program Contact #: 541-440-3532 or 541-530-2834

Please call if you would like to schedule an EASA Community Education Presentation at your organization.