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In 1993, the Oregon legislature envisioned a comprehensive and integrated system of supports and services for Oregon's children and families that would be coordinated at the county level.  In 1999 the Oregon legislature revisited that vision by passing Senate Bill 555, which established a state policy requiring state agencies to work in partnership with local communities to plan, coordinate, and provide services for Oregon's children and families. It defined the role for the local commissions on children and families to coordinate and facilitate community-based comprehensive planning.

The planning process engages communities in assessing their needs, assets and strengths, and examining their capacity to support children, youth, and families. The Douglas County Commission on Children and Families brought community partners together to produce an overall county plan that coordinates and integrates multiple plans from different sources. By engaging in this integrated, coordinated planning process, Douglas County ensures that the whole service delivery system is more collaborative, more inclusive, and more effective.

Douglas County is committed to a dynamic planning process, updating information on an ongoing basis to reflect new information, revised data, new ideas, changing circumstances and opportunities.  Phase 1 of the planning process involved gathering baseline data which we used to assess trends, strengths, challenges, gaps and opportunities around services to children and families.  By partnering with community members and representatives of public safety, social services, education agencies, and faith-based organizations, Phase II of the planning process identified key goals and priorities, as well as strategies for meeting these goals and priorities.   The Coordinated Comprehensive Plan for 2008-2014 is the result of a year-long planning process.

Planning Principles: