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Phase ll Plan



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Section l: Executive Summary


Section 2: Overview of Douglas County


Section 3:  Narrative

Goal 1 - Families and Communities

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Goal 2 - Families with Young Children

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Goal 3 - Youth

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Section 4:  Data Portraits


Appendix 1:  Stakeholders Meetings and Community Forums (October-December 2001)


Appendix II:  Service Summaries


Appendix III:  Survey and Focus Group Instruments (Phases I and II)


Appendix IV:  Phase I Plan (Excerpts)


Appendix V:  Phase I Chapter 5 - Caring Communities


Appendix VI:  Matrix of Inclusion


Appendix VII:  Phase I Chapter 3 - Douglas County's Early Childhood System Plan


Appendix VIII:  Asset Building in Douglas County


Appendix VII:  List of References - Phases I and II

Updating the plan provides an opportunity to assess the existing plan.  Click here to find out more about Phase III of the Coordinated Comprehensive Planning in Douglas County.

Click here to see a Power Point presentation on the A Decade of Accomplishments: 1994-2004

The Comprehensive Plan coordinates and integrates multiple plans from different sources.  Click here to see service plans for partners involved in the Coordinated Comprehensive Planning process in Douglas County.

Click here to see the Oregon Revised Statutes that relate to Planning.

Click here to see the Oregon Administrative Rules that govern the Children and Families Commission System and the Coordinated Comprehensive

Know Your Community
“Unlike the statistics that make up a deficit-oriented community assessment, those that are gathered for a community profile become a part of a comprehensive, strengths-based assessment that expresses residents’ knowledge of their community. ... It should be recognized, however, that gathering information is an ongoing process that does not end when initial data collection is completed.”

Know Your Community, Family Support America