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Family Support

Family Resource Ctrs

Imagine a place...

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... where a young mother can go for support and
encouragement when she feels overwhelmed by her
responsibilities at home.

... where she and her children can drop in for a hot lunch, visit with other mothers while the children play, and get some professional advice about a child's special health care needs.

... where a group of parents can sit and talk with her about her own educational goals and help her plan the next step toward reaching them.

... where a parent who has just completed a drug treatment program or had her children returned from foster care can go to find out about available community resources.

... that a young mother can call for advice and support when she is having trouble with her children and doesn't know what to do next.

Imagine a place where caring staff members recognize how difficult it is to raise children and praise parents for their efforts.

Such places exist. They are most often called family support centers or family resource centers ...

Family Resource Centers