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Faith Community

In Douglas County, there has been strong advocacy for bringing together the public sector and the faith community for the common good by connecting county, school, civic, and faith organizations in a variety of positive ways. Together, we are on a promising journey as church and state begin rediscovering ways they can work together to sustain a healthy community. 

Faith Based Initiatives: A clear message has been sent by both Congress and the White House that faith-based organizations and faith-based initiatives are valued. The Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives'  mission is to create an environment within the U.S. Department or Health and Human Services that welcomes the participation of faith-based and community-based organizations as valued and essential partners assisting Americans in need. This mission is part of the federal government's focus on improving human services for our country's neediest citizens. This center leads the Department's efforts to better utilize faith-based and community-based organizations in providing effective human services.  Click on the link above to find out more about the federal government's goal to make sure that grassroots leaders in the faith community can compete on an equal footing for federal dollars, receive greater private support, and face fewer bureaucratic barriers.

Faith Community
A Lane County poll asked residents where they sought help when faced with a child-rearing problem. “A trusted friend, parent, or neighbor” was cited by 54%; 46% consulted school teachers or counselors; 38% turned to the family doctor; and 23% to clergy. Only 8% looked to publicly-funded social service agencies for help.