Economic Climate 

Links to Data For Grant Seekers

A grant application usually requires a needs assessment that includes the economic climate for the target population and/or geographic area of the problem you are trying to address.   Click here for examples of verbiage you could use to describe the economic climate.

Oregon Employment Department
Recent Trends, Unemployment Rates, Current Employment, and Employment and Wages by Industry

Federal Agency Statistics
This is a guide to sources of statistical and descriptive information about cities and counties in Oregon. Included topics are communication, economy, education, energy, environment, government, health, housing, law enforcement, population, transportation, and tourism.

Douglas County Economic Census Information
Taken from the 2002 Economic Census, these links provide statistics for a number of industries on sales, payroll, and number of employees in the county. By clicking on an industry, more detailed statistics are available.

The Shadows of Recovery - The State of Working in Oregon