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"...Families are the primary agencies which prepare children for school and life. However, parents can be more successful if they are bolstered by informal and organized supports. Parents need to feel that they can meet the basic needs of their children for safety, for food, for emotional support, and for health care. ... The best early childhood programs work with and through parents." Caring Communities: Supporting Young Children and Families, National Task Force on School Readiness

DC Early Childhood Planning Coalition

The Douglas County Early Childhood Planning Coalition (DCECPC) comes together to link community resources and families through a coordinated planning process.

Our History:  The Douglas County Early Childhood Planning Coalition (DCECPC) was formed in 1997 by members of local agencies and organizations to identify gaps in services to young children and their families who reside in Douglas County. Once these gaps are identified the coalition develops strategies to eliminate them through a coordinated and collaborative planning process. The coalition actively seeks out local, state and national resources that can support these activities in addition to leveraging significant in-kind support from local coalition members. Over the years, DCECPC membership has grown from ten to more than twenty participating organizations.

Our Accomplishments:

  • Recipient of more than $375,000.00 in grant funds since inception.

  • Advisory group to the Douglas County Commission on Children and Families for strategic planning related to early childhood issues.

  • Developed and funded the DCECPC Parent Education and Training Brokerage which is responsible for making high quality, no cost parenting education workshops and series available year round in various communities throughout Douglas County.

  • Grown to have representatives from more than 20 agencies and organizations who serve young children and their families participating in coalition activities.

Our Future Goals:

  • Continue to develop local organizational and funding structures that will allow the Parent Education and Training Brokerage to fund and expand its education offerings to include as many diverse parent groups as possible.

  • To develop strategies that will support comprehensive and effective mental health services for children 0-8 who are in need of them.

 For more information about the DCECPC, please visit our website at:




Gillian Wesenberg, Chair

Matt Brausam, Vice Chair

For more information:  Please contact the Commission on Children & Families at 957-4622.