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Family Support

About Family Support

What Are The Principles And Premises Of Family Support Practice? Family Support America promotes family support as the nationally recognized movement to strengthen and support families and places the principles of family support practice at the heart of every setting in which children and families are present.  Click here for information on the basic premises of Family Support.

How Effective is Family Support?
Family support is about investing in the promotion of the positive things that families want for their children. In the long term, family support is a societal investment in the creation of happy, healthy, productive citizens. This investment not only has an impact on the families who participate in services, it has a secondary impact on us all. Family support prevents social problems. Click here to see more about the positive outcomes for children and families. more

What Else Is Being Said About The Principles Of Family Support?

The fundamental principles of family support have been identified and discussed extensively by Bernice Weissbourd, a long-time leader of the family support movement, and Heather Weiss, director of the Harvard Family Research Project, among others. Click here to see a summary that draws heavily on their work. more

Which Families Need Support?
In today’s complex world no family has within itself all of the knowledge and resources necessary to meet all of its members’ needs. Parents in different circumstances need different kinds of help and different levels of support, but all parents need some kind of help at one time or another. more