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Juvenile Delinquency Prevention

Douglas County Juvenile Department
The Juvenile Department is responsible for working with youth who have been referred by law enforcement agencies for having committed law violations prior to turning 18 years of age. The Department also assists in processing cases of abuse and neglect for the Court. The Department works with the District Attorney’s office in processing cases through the court. The Department consists of the following units: Accountability Services screens all cases referred by law enforcement to determine the appropriate levels of service and reformation interventions needed. Probation Officers supervise youth through both formal and informal probation and facilitate competency development groups. Accountability Services also consists of the Roseburg Area Youth Services (R.A.Y.S.) Program which is an early intervention Program run through a collaboration with the Roseburg Police Department, Juvenile Restoration Work Crew (youth ages 12 to 15), ODOT Work Crew (youth ages 16 to 17), and a Victim Advocate who provides assistance and information to individuals who have been victims of crime perpetrated by juvenile offenders.  Accountability Support Services prepares all legal court papers, coordinates with court personnel for docket scheduling, and handles all clerical services.   Detention Facility (541-464-6400) provides 32 beds for detention., including a 30 day extended detention program.  The detention facility is an essential resource for holding youth offenders accountable for their actions and providing public safety. Youth are received by referrals from law enforcement agencies or by court order.  Shelter Facility 16 beds for shelter.  The shelter facility operates a BRS treatment program for youth who qualify, and accept youth from the various agencies from around the community and the State such as the Department of Human Services, Douglas County Mental Health, and the Oregon Youth Authority.
Phone:  541-440-4409

Phoenix School of Roseburg
Alternative education. Learning problems testing, assessment, and intervention. Therapeutic prevention, intervention, and treatment services including non- attendance, authority issues, and alcohol and other drugs. Counseling intervention and service referrals for life problems including abuse, abandonment, and juvenile justice issues. Young parents services including case management, life skills and child care.  Career technical options including culinary arts and natural resources systems.
Phone:  541-673-3036

Riverside Center
Provides therapeutic and educational services to emotionally disturbed youth and their families. Specific services include individual therapy, group therapy (anger management, self-esteem, social skills, topical), milieu treatment, family therapy, parent education and support, individualized educational programs, psychiatric consultation, skill training and collaboration with other community agencies and resources.
Phone:  541-679-6129 or 541-679-5967

Roseburg Fire Department Juvenile Fire-Setter Program
Evaluation of juvenile fire setters, first-contact counseling, referral of serious problems to counseling agency. Services offered through other community fire departments in the county.
Phone:  541-673-4459

Wolf Creek Job Corps
A residential training program administered by the Department of Labor that offers career, academic (High School Diploma or GED, as well as college opportunities) and social skills training to young men and women. Provides basic medical and dental care, meals, housing cash allowance, sports and recreation, job placement, and most importantly, the chance to succeed.
Phone:  541-496-8500 or 1-800-588-9003