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Alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment—outpatient, prevention, and residential at The Crossroads (673-3469), a residential program for women in Roseburg where young children may be able to stay with a parent throughout treatment.
Phone:  541-672-2691 (24-hour service—dial voice mail option #4 after 5:00)
Fax:  541-673-5642

ADAPT – Deer Creek Adolescent Treatment Program
Residential alcohol and drug treatment, and continuing care coordination.
Phone:  541-673-5119 or 541-672-2691
Fax:  541-957-3734

ADAPT – River’s Edge
Alcohol and drug counseling, mental health counseling, gambling treatment and management of employer referrals.
Phone:  541-957-5434
Fax:  541-673-5642

ADAPT - South River Medical Center                                                                         
Primary Medical Care; open to the public.  General physician for family care
Phone:  541-492-4550

Battered Persons Advocacy and Oasis Women’s Shelter
24-hour helpline, crisis intervention, peer support advocacy, resource referrals, emergency services, support groups, speaker’s bureau and Oasis Shelter— emergency housing for women and their children in crisis (3 week maximum stay)—can shelter up to 24 people at one time, transportation, transitional housing, and legal advocacy. Children’s program for all ages and provides childcare for children of clients who attend support groups. Domestic abuse resources for men available.
Sexual Assault Response Team: Helps victims of sexual assault with all ramifications that result from the assault: medical, emotional, legal. Close step- by-step support throughout whole process. Support group—call BPA for location and times.
Phone:  541-673-7867 or 541-957-0288 or 1-800-464-6543 (24 hour)

Breath-Free Stop Smoking Program
The smoking cessation program is usually run twice a year. There are six sessions over two weeks. This program is conducted in a small group setting with emphasis on support and sharing, dealing with withdrawal symptoms and relapse prevention. Call for specific date and times and/or to register.
Phone:  541-672-1542

Centro Latinoamericano
Crisis, Access, and Referral - Bilingual/bicultural counseling and case management, crisis, access, resource and referral services to Latino youth, alcohol and drug prevention Provides services to families with children 7 years of age and older, and singles.
Bilingual Alcohol and Drug Counseling - Provides services to Chicano/Latino community through DUII Diversion, outpatient, and co-dependency groups.
Los Ninos - Provides services to families with children under 6 years of age in the Chicano/Latino community through case management, emergency housing, pre- natal and children’s classes; English as A Second Language, (ESL), and women’s support group.  Job Program; additional help with housing and vehicles.
Phone:  541-687-2667

Centro De Fey Church
Support group for Spanish speaking families, counseling and jail ministry, translations, and English classes
Phone:  541-672-0060

Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians
Health, employment, education, alcohol/drug referrals, HUD and housing services for eligible people, Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) counseling and referrals, Indian Health services, dental clinic (1-877-688-6433). Call for community outreach program information.  Community Food Bank.
Phone:  541-888-9577 or 1-888-280-0726

Consumer Credit Counseling of Douglas County
Free, confidential planning sessions addressing the following areas: Debt management, wise use of credit, kids and money, money management, credit and divorce, and other related topics.
Phone:  541-673-3104 or 1-800-417-3104

Department of Human Services, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Counseling, guidance and physical restoration. Testing, evaluating, direct job placement, training and assistance with appropriate prosthetic devices.
Phone:  541-440-3371; 541-957-1121 TTY

Douglas C.A.R.E.S.
Provides child abuse response and evaluation services. Expert medical evaluation, counselor,  and skilled child interview specialist on site. Work with law enforcement and Child Welfare Program.
Phone:  541-957-5646

Douglas County Mental Health – Adult Outpatient Treatment Program
Assess and treat mental and emotional disorders and provide community education on mental health issues. Services include evaluations of groups, individuals, and families; treatment for adults with mental disorders; and specialized services for the elderly, offenders, chemically dependent mentally ill individuals, compulsive gamblers, participants in the DHS,CHS, SSP JOBS Program, and divorcing couples with unresolved child visitation and custody issues.
Phone:  541-440-3532 or 1-800-866-9780 (within county only)

Douglas County Mental Health – Community Support Unit
Provide comprehensive system of care to severely psychiatrically disabled adults while supporting them in the least restrictive environments. Services include case management, medication monitoring, psychiatric rehabilitation, coordinate adult foster care, skills training, and vocational counseling for severely and persistently mental ill adults.
Phone:  541-440-3532 or 1-800-866-9780 (within county only)

Douglas County Mental Health – Crisis Line
Crisis lines are free and anonymous for those who are experiencing an emotional mental health emergency. Professional counselors are available 24-hours per day, 7 days per week by telephone to answer questions and provide emergency counseling
Phone:  541-440-3532 or 1-800-866-9780 (within county only)

Douglas County Mental Health – Youth & Family Program
Assessment and crisis services and referral services when necessary. Individual family or group therapy is offered on an outpatient basis. A brief therapy model is used with the average length of treatment being eight sessions. The individual needs of the child may determine additional time is needed. Family treatment is used whenever possible. Methods used in the treatment process include expressive and talk therapies. Specialized services are provided for child/adolescent sex offenders, juvenile offenders in OYA group homes and unwed teen mothers at Safe Haven. Wraparound and transition services are available for clients that are at risk of hospitalization or are transferring from a residential treatment setting.
Phone:  541-440-3532 or 1-800-866-9780 (within county only)

Family Development Center/Douglas County Relief Nursery
Child abuse prevention and intervention services for children and parents that includes therapeutic, low-ratio early childhood program, play therapy, USDA food program, and early intervention ECSE for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Parents receive parenting education, counseling, parent support group, day and evening classes, advocacy and referral services, parent/child interaction groups, transportation assistance, outreach program services, respite care, and clothes closet.
Phone:  541-673-4354

Gay and Lesbian Switchboard
Provide 24-hour hotline. Incoming calls are received by a commercial answering service and patched to appropriate counselor.
Phone:  541-464-4126

Harm Reduction Center
Community Services: outreach, HIV testing and counseling, computer lab, services to schools, Sexual Minority Task Force, speakers. Client Services: emergency funds program, housing assistance program, transportation assistance, needle exchange, and case management. Volunteer Program, women’s program, needle exchange, and Hepatitis C information and case management.
Phone:  541-440-2761 or 1-877-440-2761

Mercy Community Education Center
Health screenings, support groups, Family Birthplace classes; Diabetes Education—personalized, private counseling to develop a self-management program, adult and youth diabetes support groups; lending library and seminars (Advance Directive for Health Care seminars held through the year—call for dates and times). See NEWS-REVIEW for monthly calendar of education programs, screenings, and support groups designed to improve your health and well-being.
Phone:  541-677-2102

Options Counseling Services of Oregon, Inc.
Families referred through DHS Child Welfare may participate in individual or family therapy, sex abuse treatment, Family Builders Program, or Parent Training. Self-referred families with 4th – 6th grade children in the Roseburg, Sutherlin, or Winston School Districts who are acting out, and families referred by Oregon Youth Authority or Cow Creek Health and Wellness may participate in intensive in-home family therapy.  Families referred through DHS Self-Sufficiency Program may participate in Family Support Program, a skill building program for parents.
Phone:  541-464-6455

Oregon Commission for the Blind
Training adults in independent travel; alternative methods of reading and writing, including large print, Braille and tape recorder; activities of daily living, including preparing meals, shopping, identifying money and managing a budget; increasing use of functional vision through the use of optical aids, proper lighting and techniques of recognizing objects by shape and color. Employment counseling and training, including a complete range of vocational and rehabilitation services and job training and placement is offered through the State programs.
Phone:  1-888-202-5463

Reedsport Family Resource Center
Connects people of coastal Douglas County to the information and services they need and enables organizations to more efficiently serve this area. Services currently available are DHS Self-Sufficiency Program, Oregon Health Plan applications, business development, DMV forms, mental health counseling, Umpqua Training and Employment; Child Support Enforcement, Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA),  tax forms and various support groups.  Resource information for food, clothing, health care, childcare, legal assistance, jobs, financial assistance, housing, transportation, and energy assistance. Connects people who have household items to donate with those who are in need of basics such as beds, tables, bedding, etc. Meeting rooms and office space available.
Phone:  541-271-9700

Riverside Center
Provides therapeutic and educational services to emotionally disturbed youth and their families. Specific services include individual therapy, group therapy (anger management, self-esteem, social skills, topical), milieu treatment, family therapy, parent education and support, individualized educational programs, psychiatric consultation, skill training and collaboration with other community agencies and resources.
Phone:  541-679-6129 or 541-679-5967

Roseburg Fire Department Juvenile Fire-Setter Program
Evaluation of juvenile fire setters, first-contact counseling, referral of serious problems to counseling agency. Services offered through other community fire departments in the county.
Phone:  541-673-4459

Safe Haven Maternity Home
Provides living space for up to 8 women and babies, meals, counseling, full range of services, life-skills training, transportation to medical care, education and work-study.
Phone:  541-673-5769

Serenity Lane
Adult, couples, and family programs and detox/residential/intensive outpatient programs available; Recovery Support (phase II outpatient); employer services, education programs, assessments, evaluations, individual counseling, Family Group, gender specific recovery support groups, Extended Stay Program, and facilitation of family intervention. Meets State DUII program requirements.
Phone:  541-673-3504

Southern Oregon Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Complete hearing and hearing-aid evaluations as needed; family counseling; parent training; comprehensive educational programs (both in the same school) home training program, traveling teacher service, early education center, and participation in regular high school programs.
Phone:  541-440-4766

United Community Action Network (UCAN)
Case Management, Housing and Emergency Support Services (CHESS)

Case Management and Housing - Stabilization program provides families and individuals with the skills needed to empower them to become self-reliant.  Home repair assistance, home weatherization measure for low income households, listings to help with finding and keeping a rental,  development of low-income housing, transitional housing (up to 2 years of affordable housing with intensive case management services).
Emergency Support Services - Provides short-term emergency shelter, rent/mortgage assistance, blankets/clothes/food and personal hygiene items for families in crisis, utility assistance, energy conservation information, and community information and referral. Phone:  541-672-3421 Roseburg or 1-800-301-8226

Williams Syndrome Association
Support and counseling for families with Williams Syndrome children or adults. Provides latest educational, behavioral, social, scientific and medical information to professionals and families in Oregon and Washington, one social/educational event annually and a bi-annual national convention. Clinics in the U.S. presently provide the most comprehensive treatment and care for persons with WS and make recommendations to local physicians, therapists and educators. This organization actively supports research into all aspects of this rare syndrome through donations and fund-raising events annually.
Phone:  1- 248-244-2229 (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST)