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Family Support

21st Century Schools

The School of the 21st Century (21C), also known as Family Resource Centers in some communities, is a school-based child care and family support model that promotes the optimal growth and development of children, ages 0-12.  The 21C model transforms the school into a year-round, multi-service center providing services from early morning to early evening.

The School of the 21st Century was created by Yale University Professor Edward Zigler, one of the principal architects of the federal Head Start program.  The 21C model provides a response to changes in patterns of work and family life in recent decades that have meant two new concerns for parents, especially a pressing need for affordable, quality child care.  The model also helps educators assure that children arrive at school ready to learn and receive the support they need to succeed academically.

What is the School of the 21st Century?

How Do We Know It Works?  Evaluation and Research Findings from The School of the 21st Century

Evaluation of Community Schools


Click here to go to the Yale University 21st Century School Website:

21st Century Schools