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1 Small Action CAN Make a Big Difference in the Community

Studies show that small, positive acts build stronger communities SO:

1 Hour reading to preschoolers CAN start a life of learning

1 Encouraging Word CAN give hope where none existed

1 Caring Friend CAN Save the Day

And So On...

1 CAN Make a Difference

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The Douglas County Commission on Children and Families


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40 Developmental Assets.

"To ensure that all children have the opportunities to build resiliency--to develop social competencies (like caring and responsiveness), problem-solving skills, autonomy, and a sense of purpose and future, we must also work to build linkages between families and schools and between schools and communities.  It is only at this intersystem level--and only through collaboration within our communities--that we can build a broad enough, intense enough network of protection for all children and families."  -- Bonnie Benard, Fostering Resiliency in Kids:  Protective Factors in the Family, School, and Community, 1991