Biking in Roseburg, Oregon

Stewart Park - V.A. Loop

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0.0 - Start in Stewart Park on the Bike Path at the small building just north of the old locomotive (parking, water, phone, restrooms). Pedestrians and joggers also use this narrow Bike Path. As you head northerly toward Garden Valley Blvd., the golf course is on your right- hand side.

0.4 - Golf Pro shop.

0.5 - You need to cross the Pro shop road to re-enter the signed Bike Path.

0.6 - Bike Path separates. Turn sharply to the right to go toward the duck pond.

0.8 - End Bike Path, start gravel road that you will share with cars. Duck Pond on left. If you have some bread you will prove to be quite popular with the pond inhabitants. There are many geese and ducks, sometimes a great blue heron, and nutria (which look like large muskrats).

0.9 - Stop sign at shopping center (parking, food, water, phone, restrooms). Cross the driveway and get on the sidewalk. The traffic is very busy here. Continue toward Garden Valley Blvd.

1.0 - Intersection of Duck Pond Road and Garden Valley Blvd. Turn right on sidewalk. Continue easterly up Garden Valley Blvd. Sidewalk, observing the pedestrian signals at the different intersections you come to. Watch out for cars at all the exits and entrances.

1.3 - Bike Lane separates from Garden Valley Blvd., becoming a Bike Path again. Be careful not to ride over the old post mound in the middle of the Bikeway here. Now you will be riding between cyclone fences along the southbound lane of I-5. The Veterans Administration Hospital grounds are to the right.

1.8 - Posts in Bike Path.

1.9 - Bike Path intersection. Take the path to the right to return to Stewart Park (path to the left is marked with a "Caution Steep Hill" sign and goes along the river past Gaddis Park).

2.3 - Cross Stewart Park Drive. Be aware that cars crossing the bridge do not have to stop for the Bike Path, and be sure to miss the post in the middle of the Bike Path.

2.6 - Old steam locomotive in Stewart Park.

2.7 - Point of beginning.

Comments: Nice easy ride. Be aware of other bikers and pedestrians. The Garden Valley Blvd. and shopping center areas have heavy traffic.