Biking in Roseburg, Oregon

Stewart Park - Fairgrounds

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0.0 - Start in Stewart Park on the Bike Path at the small building just north of the old locomotive (parking, water, phone, restrooms). Head easterly following the river upstream.

0.4 - Cross Stewart Park Drive (Watch out for cars; north bound traffic does not have to stop. Be sure to miss the post in the middle of the Bike Path).

0.8 - Bike Path intersection. Turn sharply to the right, following "Caution Steep Hill" sign.

0.9 - Turn right (southerly) under I-5 bridge over South Umpqua River.

1.0 - Turn left (easterly) after crossing bridge. Continue southerly along I-5 freeway.

1.2 - Cross Bellows Street, find Bike Path on east side of freeway, and continue toward Harvard Blvd.

1.3 - Arrive at Harvard Blvd. Continue left (easterly) on sidewalk facing west-bound traffic.

1.4 - Main entrance to Roseburg Senior High School. Bikes are allowed to cross entrance only on walk signal. Then cross Harvard Blvd. (using the traffic signal) and start signed Bike Path.

1.6 - Peak of easy hill.

1.8 - Wide deep cracks in pavement.

2.2 - Very sharp (90 degree) left turn, followed by stop sign at Kendall Street. Turn right on Kendall. Bike Path ends, you now share the road with cars.

2.5 - Intersection of Kendal Street and Portland Avenue. Cross Portland, going forward and to the right to get onto Frear Street. From this angle, the intersection is very confusing. Wait until the road is free from traffic before crossing.

2.8 - Main entrance to the Fairgrounds on left, Medford Avenue and county museum on right. Continue straight ahead on Frear Street.

2.9 - End of Frear Street. Turn to left (right is for campers). Ride between buildings, staying above Umpqua Park.

3.1 - Parking lot for Umpqua Park. Available at the park are restrooms and water. To get back to Stewart Park, retrace your route.

6.2 - Stewart Park, point of beginning. Comments: This is a pleasant way of going to the fairgrounds, allowing you to bypass freeway travel.