Biking in Roseburg, Oregon

Stewart Park - Fairgrounds

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0.0 - Start at Stewart Park in Roseburg (parking, water, phone, restrooms). Turn (northerly) onto Stewart Parkway, obeying all traffic signs and signals.

1.1 - Intersection of Stewart Parkway and Garden Valley Blvd. Use walk signal to cross Garden Valley Blvd., Then use the walk signal to cross Stewart Parkway, There is no curb cut on the north side of Stewart Parkway, so dismount and lift your bike onto the sidewalk. This intersection and the driveways along the mall are very busy. As you head westerly along Garden Valley Blvd. You start on the signed Bike Route 19.

1.6 - Curbing forces you to cross Newcastle Court northeast of Garden Valley, You are now climbing up a moderate hill.

2.0 - Peak. Car traffic is 55 mph. You are now outside the Roseburg city limits, on Garden Valley Road 6. The shoulder is comfortably wide and blacktopped.

2.5 - Melrose Road intersection. Remain on Garden Valley Road.

3.9 - Grocery store at the Curry Road/Fisher Road Intersection. Continue on Garden Valley Road.

4.7 - Cross North Umpqua River on Brown's Bridge.

4.8 - Turn left onto Old Garden Valley Road 6A, starting Bike Route 18. Some bicyclists don't use the turning lane on Garden Valley Road 6, but cross the entire road at once when traffic is clear from both directions. After you enter Road 6A, the blacktop shoulder is very narrow.

5.3 - Enjoy a wide blacktop lane signed for bicycles only starting at Weswood Lane 348.

6.5 - Intersection with River Forks Park Road 283. Cross Old Garden Valley Road to enter River Forks Park Road. This can be a busy intersection.

6.7 - Bike Lane ends, you are now sharing the road with cars.

6.9 - Main gate to River Forks Park.

7.0 - Picnic area at River Forks Park (parking, water, restrooms). After a leisurely meal (and possibly a nap) at the park, it may be time to head back home.

7.2 - Main gate to River Forks Park.

7.5 - Turn right onto Old Garden Valley Road 6A. You are now on a wide blacktop shoulder on Bike Route 18.

8.6 - End Bike Lane at Westwood Lane, you are now sharing the road with cars.

9.1 - Turn right towards Roseburg onto Garden Valley Road 6.

9.2 - Traffic sign says the Bike Route ends, but there is shoulder on both Brown's Bridge and the road after that.

9.5 - Quail Lane 138, Riversdale Grange.

10.0- Grocery store at Curry Road/Fisher Road intersection.

11.5- Intersection with Melrose Road 167. This is a very complicated intersection; try to stay along the right lane shoulder. Start uphill on Garden Valley Road.

11.7- Signed Bike Route 19.

12.0- Peak of hill. Entering Roseburg city limits.

12.9- Intersection of Garden Valley Blvd. And Stewart Parkway. Turn right (southerly) onto Stewart Parkway. This whole area has a lot of car traffic and driveways.

13.9- At bridge crossing the South Umpqua River, instead of crossing river take the path to the right which then goes beneath the bridge and comes out in Stewart Park. When the path splits in two, take the path going to the right.

14.2- Stewart Park parking lot, point of beginning. Comments: Long but nice going from park to park. Some areas have heavy traffic. This ride includes parks of Douglas County Bikeway Routes 18 and 19.