Biking in Roseburg, Oregon

River Forks Park Loop

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0.0 - Start at River Forks Park (parking, restrooms, water). Head north on River Forks Park Road 283.

0.4 - Intersection with Old Garden Valley Road 6A. This is a busy intersection with fast cars. After stopping, crossing road and turn left. You are now riding on a narrow blacktop shoulder, the Bike Lane has ended.

1.0 - Stop sign at intersection with Garden Valley Road 6 and Garden Valley Road 31D. Turn right onto Road 31D (which is signed Bike Route 18) and ride on the wide blacktop shoulder. You soon will start climbing up a moderately steep hill.

1.6 - Peak. The hard part is over now.

2.3 - Intersection with Del Rio Road 31C and garden Valley Road 31A, and fire station. Turn right onto Road 31A. The road is still signed as Bike Route 18, but now the blacktop shoulder is very narrow.

2.9 - Turn right onto Old Garden Valley Road 6A. The road is signed as Bike Route 18, but there is very little shoulder.

3.4 - Enjoy a wide blacktop lane signed for bicycles only starting at Weswood Lane 348.

4.5 - Intersection with River Forks Park Road 283. Cross Old Garden Valley Road to enter River Forks Park Road. This can be a busy intersection.

4.7 - Bike Lane ends, you are now sharing the road with cars.

4.9 - Back at main gate to River Forks Park, point of beginning.

Comments: Nice ride, scenery consists of orchards and farmlands. This loop uses portions of Douglas County Bikeway Routes 18 and 19.