Hiking in Douglas County

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Douglas County Trails

1. Susan Creek Falls: Located 29 miles east of Roseburg on Highway 138, across from the Susan Creek Day-Use Area, this 3/4 mile trail leads to a misty 60 foot waterfall. Continuing another 1/2 mile leads to the pre-historic Indian Mounds Interpretive Site. Moderate grade. Note: Watch out for the poison oak!

2. Fall Creek: The 1 mile trail (#1502) starts at Highway 138 at Fall Creek, about 6 miles west of Steamboat. A good walk for families with kids and grandparents.

3. Mott: The 5.5 mile trail (#1414.12) starts at the south side of the North Umpqua River at Wright Creek on Road #4711. The trail follows the North Umpqua River and is part of the North Umpqua Trail. Gentle grade.

4. Panther Trail: The 5.0 mile trail (#1414.20) starts at the Steamboat Work Center with the trail head at Road #4714, and meanders upriver. Moderate grade.

5. Illahee Flats: The 1.5 mile trail runs through Oak and Fir flats then descends towards the North Umpqua River where it meets the North Umpqua Trail. The trail begins at Road #4760-039 off Highway 138. Gentle to moderate grade.

6. Boulder Creek: The 10.6 mile trail (#1552) starts from the end of Soda Springs Dam Road #4775-012. A combination of ridgetop, sidehill and stream bottom trail locations and view of Boulder Creek Gorge. Gentle to steep grade.

7. Toketee Falls: The 1/2 mile trail follows the North Umpqua River as it cascades through a waterworn basalt channel. Two benches offer a nice rest spot before reaching the platform for viewing the picturesque double falls. Turn off Highway 138 onto Road #34, the west entrance to Toketee Ranger Station. Cross the first bridge and turn left.

8. Watson Falls: The trail is nearly 1/2 mile up to the majestic falls. Watson Falls is the third highest in Oregon with a drop of 272 feet. Only falls in Southern Oregon with top 5 star rating from the Waterfall Guide to the Pacific Northwest. Turn off Highway 138 onto Road #37, just past the east entrance to Toketee Ranger Station.

9. Bulldog Rock: The 5 mile trail (#1534) goes from Balm Mountain Road #3810 at Bear Camp, down to the northerly terminus of Pyramid Rock Road #3850-300. It passes through meadows, by Bullpup Lake and Shelter. Gentle to steep grade.

10. Maidu Lake: The 6.8 mile segment of the North Umpqua Trail (#1414), parallels the North Umpqua River until Dutch Oven Camp. Access to Lucille Lake and the Pacific Crest Scenic Trail. Off Highway 138 on Road #6000-958.

11. Tolo Creek: The 5 mile trail (#1466) follows Tolo Creek, crossing several streams. Dutch Oven Camp, mile point #2 on Maidu Lake Trail serves as the trail head. Gentle to moderate grade.

12. Howlock Mountains: The 7 mile trail (#1448) begins at Diamond Lake Horse Corrals. Connects Diamond Lake to Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail with access to Thielsen Creek Trail. Gentle to moderate grade.

13. Thielsen Creek: A 2.1 mile trail (#1449) The trail head is 3.5 miles on the Howlock Trail. Steady, uphill climb through hemlock and pumice flats for view of north face of Mt. Thielsen. Moderate to steep grade.

14. Mt. Bailey: A 5 mile trail (#1451). From the south shore of Diamond Lake take Road #4795 to Road #4795-300 to the trail head. Ascends mountain from the west side of Diamond Lake all the way to the summit. Gentle to steep grade.

15. Silent Creek: The 1.4 mile trail (#1479) begins near south end of Diamond Lake and west end of Teal Lake Trail, Road #4795, where Silent Creek flows through boggy meadows. Gentle grade.

16. Rodley Butte: The 7 mile trail (#1452) of which the first 3 miles are maintained, can be reached by Lake Creek on Road #4795 or Road #4796-600. Trail swings around north side of Rodley Butte and Northern flanks of Mt. Bailey. Gentle to steep grade.

17. Mt. Thielsen: The 3.5 mile trail (#1456) begins 1.5 miles north of the Highway 138/230 Junction, near Diamond Lake. The trail head is located along the east side of Highway 138. Connects Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail and ascends to summit. Caution is advised the last 200 feet. Gentle to steep grade.

18. Rogue-Umpqua Divide: The 31.4 mile trail begins on Road #3703 near Three Lakes Camp. The trail passes Clear Creek Camp and terminates near Abbott Butte. Gentle to steep grade.

19. Fish Lake: The 8 mile trail (#1570) is located about 28 miles from Tiller on Road #2840. Trail follows along Fish Creek Lake and offers fishing and camping. Moderate grade.

20. Cougar Butte: The 5.7 mile trail (#1432) begins 25 miles from Tiller on Road #30. The high country trail offers view of the Jackson Creek drainage and Northern California. Moderate grade.

21. Wolf Creek Falls: A 1 mile walk from Wolf Creek footbridge at Wolf Creek Job Corps. Turn off Highway 138 at Glide and follow Little River Road #17 to Wolf Creek trail head. Moderate grade.

22. Grotto Falls: Trail #1503 is a spectacular 1/3 mile high. A cave lets you walk behind the falls. Trail is reached by driving up Taft Mountain Road #2703-150 off Highway 17. At Emile Creek Road drive 2 miles to Emile Creek.

23. Overhand: The 1/2 mile hike takes you along Little River. Trail is noted for Maiden Hair Fern and river overhang. Take Highway 17 turnoff at Glide. Trail begins at White Creek.

24. Lake in the Woods: Take Highway 17 turnoff at Glide. Follow to Lake in the Woods Recreation area. Hemlock Falls Trail is 3/4 mile hike to falls. Yakso Falls Trail, 3/4 mile long, ends at Little River Falls.

25. Twin Lakes: The 2.5 mile trail (#1500 and #1521), has two overnight shelters. Off Road #4770. Gentle grade.

26. Snow Bird Shelter: The 3.7 mile trail (#1517) has a shelter and water for overnighters. Take National Forest Service Route #27 to road #2715-100. Moderate grade.

27. Yellow Jacket Loop: The 5.5 mile trail (#1522) starts at Hemlock Lake campground on National Forest Route #27. Hike to Cavitt Mountain.

28. Shadow Falls Trail: A 1 mile hike. Rain type forest ends at 90ft waterfall. Take Road #25 following Cavitt Creek to Shadow Falls. Moderate grade.