Questions about Diamond Lake

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Do you have thunder showers during the Summer? If we have had a heavy snowfall the Winter before, we have frequent thundershowers, but they are of short duration.

What kind of fish are in the lake? Rainbow Trout.

Is there a season on the lake? Yes, the 4th Saturday in April to the 31st of October.

Can I ice fish outside that season? No, not on Diamond Lake.

Where are the Summer Homes? On the West side of the lake.

Are they privately owned? The homes themselves are privately owned. The land is owned by the U.S. Forest Service.

Is there a road around the lake? Yes. It is 13 miles around the lake.

Is the road open year-around? No, dependent upon snow, the road is open from May 15th to November 1st.

Do you have a restaurant? Yes, we have 3 Restaurants: the Thielsen Dining Room, the Cafe, and the South Shore Pizza Parlor. Check at the Reservation Desk at the lodge for current hours of each Restaurant.

How many acres is the lake? 2,824 acres

Where is Mt. Thielsen, and how high is it? On the East side of the lake. The elevation is 9,184 feet.

Where is Mt. Bailey, and how high is it? On the West side of the lake. The elevation is 8,363 feet.

How many people live there year around? About 150.

Do you have Fire protection? Yes, we have a volunteer fire department.

Do you have bears here? No....not usually.

Does Crater Lake? Yes,....usually!

How many rooms are there for rent? Presently there are 40 motel rooms, 42 cabins and 10 studio units.

How long has the resort been there? In 1921 the Special Use Permit was issued; 1923 the lodge was built, and in 1957 present management took over.

Has the lake ever been poisoned? Yes, in 1954. The lake was closed to fishing in 1955.

Why was it poisoned? To eliminate certain species of fish. It was restocked with Rainbow Trout and continues to be restocked annually.

How was the lake formed? The lake was formed as a result of volcanic and glacial activity.

Where is the nearest First Aid? There is a fully equipped First Aid room at the resort.

Where is the nearest movie theater? In Gilchrist, 50 miles toward Bend.

Where is the nearest pharmacy & doctor? In Shady Cove, 65 miles toward Medford.

What kind of trees grow at Diamond Lake? Primarily Lodgepole Pine. Also, Douglas Fir, White Fir, Noble Fir, Shasta Fir, and Hemlock.

How far is Crater Lake? The North Entrance, open during the Summer months, is 7 miles. The West Entrance, open year around is 26 miles.

What is the average temperature of the lake during the Summer? The average temperature of the lake is 65 degrees.

Can I water ski on the lake? No, there is a 10 m.p.h. speed limit on the lake. Closest water skiing is at Lemolo Lake located 10 miles West toward Roseburg.

Are there fish in Lemolo Lake? Yes, Rainbow Trout and German Browns.

How deep is the lake? The lake is 52.5 feet at it's deepest point.

How wide is the lake? 1.5 miles East to West.

How long is the lake? 3.5 miles North to South.

What is the climate like? Winter: average temperature 20 to 40 degrees--coldest temperature -24. Summer: average temperature 74 to 80 degrees--hottest temperature 100.

When is the lake frozen over? Usually January 1 to April 15.

Do people go out on the lake when it is frozen? Usually January 1 to April 15, at their own risk.

How much snow to you usually have? We average about 6 to 8 feet at the North end and about 10 to 12 feet at the South End.