Biking in Rural Douglas County

Douglas County & Roseburg Bicycle Map can be obtained from:

Bureau of Land Management
777 N.W. Garden Valley Blvd.
Roseburg, OR 97470
(541) 440-4930


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Cow Creek Road

Map location - T. 30 S., R. 5 W. 43-miles of paved road between Tri-City and Glendale on BLM and County roads.

Character: The road passes through rural areas at the beginning and end of the route. The central portion of the route parallels Cow Creek. While most grades are under 5%, a few segments approach 10%. The road is a BLM Back Country Byway and will be developed for wildlife viewing, hiking, day-use activities and historical interpretation. A recreational gold-panning site and rest facility lie at the midpoint of the route. Rating: Easy to More Difficult

Cow Creek to Anaktuvuk Saddle

Map location - T. 32 S., R. 8 W. A 36-mile paved loop from the main stem of Cow Creek to Anaktuvuk Saddle via rifle Creek or Walker Prairie roads.

Character: The road gains 2600 feet in elevation between Cow Creek and Anaktuvuk Saddle. The grade varies between five and twelve percent. The route is the eastern segment of the 72-mile Glendale to Powers Bikeway. Rating: Easy - More Difficult

North Umpqua Trail - Tioga Segment

Map location - T. 26 S., R. 3 W. The 16-mile Tioga segment is part of the 79-mile North Umpqua Trail managed by BLM and the Forest Service.

Character: The natural surface, single track trail follows the North Umpqua Wild a nd Scenic River and is popular for hiking and mountain biking. Beginning at Swiftwater trailhead, the first five miles are moderately rolling. The trail climbs steeply for almost two miles over Bob Butte, dropping down the other side to the power line. The trail then parallels the river along an old dirt road for two miles on a relatively flat grade. The last section of trail (7 miles) to Wright Creek trailhead is steep (uphill) and narrow. Rating: Varies: Easy to Most Difficult

Wolf Creek - Loon Lake Road

Map location - T. 25 S., R. 7 W. 35-miles of paved road between Tyee Bridge (Umpqua River) and Loon Lake.

Character: The route varies from 290 feet to 2000 feet in elevation. The majority of the road averages a 5% grade with the steepest portion at 17%. Scenic overlooks are an attraction along the route. A fish enhancement project named Miner Wolf Watchable Wildlife Site lies near the east side of the route. Along the way, there are numerous undeveloped camping spots, a semi-developed campsite with waterfall (International Paper, Inc.), and various recreation opportunities at the Loon Lake recreation site. Rating: Easy to More Difficult.