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Commissioners Agenda for Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Douglas County Courthouse, Room 216 Roseburg, Oregon


CHAIR Tim Freeman    
COMMISSIONER Chris Boice    
COMMISSIONER Susan Morgan   DATE 11/9/2016 9:00 AM
Contact Email:    



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• Courthouse Citizens --

4. PUBLIC HEARING – Amendments to the Land Use & Development Ordinance (LUDO) Regarding Marijuana Businesses in Unincorporated Douglas County. Ordinance No 2016-11-01 (Keith Cubic)
Three versions of amendments to the LUDO were drafted to accommodate possible results of the November 8, 2016 General Election vote on whether to allow marijuana businesses in unincorporated Douglas County: BOARD DRAFT 1: “yes” to both medical and recreational businesses; BOARD DRAFT 2: “yes” to medical and “no” to recreational businesses, and; BOARD DRAFT 3: “no” to both medical and recreational businesses.

5. PUBLIC HEARING – Roseburg Disposal Rate Change Modification Request (Tom Manton)
Public Hearing for an Order modifying the rate of solid waste collection franchisee Roseburg Disposal. Roseburg Disposal is requesting a rate decrease on the disposal fee portion of their rates.

6. PUBLIC HEARING – Southern Oregon Sanitation Rate Modification Request (Tom Manton)
Public Hearing for an Order modifying rate of solid waste collection franchisee Southern Oregon Sanitation. They are requesting the addition of a twice-a-month residential collection service rate to their existing rate.

7. COMMISSIONERS – Resolution (Commissioner Boice)
Resolution supporting a grant agreement between the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) and the Association of Oregon Counties (AOC) to provide staff for local public safety coordinating councils.

8. COMMISSIONERS – Resolution in Support of State Legislation (Commissioner Freeman)
Resolution urges the 79th Oregon Legislative Assembly to adopt legislation to correct the misapplication of the Coos Bay Wagon Road Act of 1939, and its consequent loss of resources for critical local public services.

9. COMMISSIONERS – Resolution in Support for Federal Legislation (Commissioner Freeman)
Resolution urges the 114th United States Congress to adopt legislation to correct the misapplication of the Coos Bay Wagon Road Act of 1939, and its consequent loss of resources for critical local public services.

10. COMMISSIONERS – Contract Modification (Commissioner Freeman)
Second Contract Modification with the United Community Action Network. The funding for the 2016-17 fiscal year provides Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) services. Cost: $47,083.00.

11. COMMISSIONERS – Contract Modification (Commissioner Freeman)
First Contract Modification with UCAN. The funding for the 2016-17 fiscal year provides Women, Infants & Children (WIC) services. Cost: $86,588.00

12. COMMISSIONERS – Approve Submittal of Request for Release of Funds Form for the Gardiner Sanitary District Project (Commissioner Morgan)
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) form must be signed and submitted to Business Oregon after public review ends (ended at midnight November 4, 2016). This HUD form requests the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) construction funds to be released upon the State’s 15-day comment period on the Environmental Review Record.

13. LAND DEPARTMENT – Bargain and Sale Deeds (Kevin Potter)
On November 1, 2016, Douglas County Land Department conducted an oral auction of five County owned parcels of real property acquired through property tax foreclosure and one County owned surplus property which did not sell. Bargain & Sale Deeds are now being issued for the five real property parcels that sold at the auction.
• 341 Willis Avenue, Glendale Oregon $28,000.00
• 325 W. First Avenue, Riddle Oregon $11,500.00
• 0 Scott Terrace, Reedsport Oregon $ 8,000.00
• 2684 Highlands Drive, Reedsport Oregon $52,850.00
• 119 E. B Avenue, Drain Oregon $60,000.00

14. LAND DEPARTMENT – Lease Modification (Kevin Potter)
First Lease Modification between Douglas County, Lessor and Oregon Department of Transportation, Lessee, for public park purposes and for maintaining a surfaced launching ramp for small boats, sanitary facilities, parking area, roads and landscaping purposes at Amacher Park. Lessor and Lessee are parties to a Lease dated March 18, 2009, and is being modified to change the Administrator from the Parks Department to the Land Department.

15. ** STRICKEN** PARKS – Contract Award (Rocky Houston) ** STRICKEN **
Contract Award to i.e. Engineering to complete development plans for Half Moon Bay Campground and the Umpqua Lighthouse; and construction drawings for Half Moon Bay. Contract amount: $87,000.00.

16. PUBLIC WORKS – Contract Modification (Tom Manton)
Contract Modification with the City of Winston and Green Sanitary District for treatment of Roseburg Landfill leachate at the Winston-Green Wastewater Treatment Facility. This modification reduces the treatment rate from $0.045 per gallon to $0.015 per gallon effective December 1, 2016.

17. SENIOR SERVICES – Amendment to Intergovernmental Agreement (Jeannie Wright)
Second Amendment with Oregon Department of Human Services. This change relates to the language in the Statement of Work.

18. SHERIFF’S OFFICE – Fire Management Assistance Grant Agreement (John Hanlin)
Grant Agreement between Douglas County and Oregon Office of Emergency Management in the amount of $22,000. These will be pass through funds to the Douglas Forest Protective Association (DFPA) for the purchase and installation of a Fire Detection Camera on Bland Mountain.

• Reedsport Citizens --
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** NOTE: There will NOT be a regularly scheduled meeting on November 16, 2016 **
The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be held November 23, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. in Room 216 of the Douglas County Courthouse, Roseburg, OR. The meeting is available via Video Conferencing to Reedsport citizens at the Reedsport Annex, 680 Fir Street, Reedsport, OR.


Douglas County may audio/video record the proceedings of this meeting for future broadcast or other purposes. Note: Department Head Work sessions are not recorded A copy of any audio/video recording is available upon written request made to the Information Technology department. Cost is $5 per cd/dvd copy plus $2 shipping costs. Send a money order to: Douglas County Information Technology, 1036 SE Douglas, Room 123, Roseburg, OR 97470. Please include dates of requested dvd's or cd's and shipping address.

As part of public policy, Douglas County will attempt to provide public accessiblilty to services, programs and activities. If accommodation is needed to participate at this meeting, please contact the Board of Commissioner's office (541) 440-4201 at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time.

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