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Commissioners Agenda for Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Douglas County Courthouse, Room 216 Roseburg, Oregon


CHAIR Joseph Laurance    
COMMISSIONER Susan Morgan    
COMMISSIONER Doug Robertson   DATE 6/11/2014 9:00 AM
Contact Email:    


MINUTES of the Board meeting held on June 4, 2014.


1. COUNTY COUNSEL – Local Public Health Authority (Paul Meyer)
Consideration of proposed Resolution to (1) Decline to fulfill the functions of a local public health authority and return responsibility for all LPHA programs to the State of Oregon, to no longer be a provider of basic or local public health services, to transfer the local public health authority to the Oregon Health Authority and to terminate the intergovernmental agreements with the Oregon Health Authority for financing local public health services and (2) to delegate authority to Susan Morgan to implement the resolution.

2. FAIRGROUNDS – Order Awarding Contract (Harold Phillips)
Order Awarding Contract to Douglas County Farmer’s Co-Op for Livestock Handling Equipment. Only one bid was received. Cost: $85,624.50.

3. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Permit of Entry (Kevin Potter)
Permit of Entry Agreement with Tower Engineering Professionals, Inc. allowing Contractor to enter the wireless communications site “Cinnamon Butte” for the purpose of mapping the site, equipment and facilities used by U.S. Cellular. There is no cost to the County.

4. LAND – Permanent Easement (Gary Groth)
Permanent Easement from JEAN CYNTHIA ROBERSON to DOUGLAS COUNTY. Agreement grants Douglas County, a perpetual nonexclusive right and easement on, over and across a portion of property owned by Ms. Roberson located adjacent to the Kanipe Park. Easement is being granted to allow Douglas County to construct, maintain, repair, replace and have free access to electrical & communication lines.

5. LAND – Bargain & Sale Deed (Gary Groth)
Bargain and Sale Deed to the City of Roseburg of a 2014 tax foreclosed property located at 0 NE Grandview, Roseburg, Oregon for the consideration of $100. Douglas County conveys all rights, title and interest and is sold AS IS and WITH ALL FAULTS AND DEFECTS.

6. PARKS – Maintenance Assistance Program (Gary Groth)
Agreement with the Oregon State Marine Board to provide funding through the Maintenance Assistance Program to the Parks Department. These funds are used to help offset maintenance cost of 17 motorized boat launch facilities the County manages. The State Marine Board will provide $57,861.00 in maintenance funds for the 2014-15 budget year.

7. PARKS – Underground Right of Way Easement (Gary Groth)
PacifiCorp is requesting an underground right of way easement, 10ft by 1,060 ft., located in Whistler’s Bend Park. The easement is in conjunction with the installation of new electrical service for the campground expansion project.

8. SHERIFF – Contract Extension for School Resource Deputy (John Hanlin)
Eleventh Contract Extension for a School Resource Deputy in the Glide School District. Revenue: $17,245.08.

9. SHERIFF – Extension of IGA for Inmate Housing (John Hanlin)
Tenth Extension with the City of Myrtle Creek for housing inmates. Revenue: $79.50 per prisoner per day.

10. SHERIFF – Extension of IGA for Inmate Housing (John Hanlin)
Tenth Extension with the City of Roseburg for housing inmates. Revenue: $79.50 per prisoner per day.

11. SHERIFF – Extension of IGA for Inmate Housing (John Hanlin)
Tenth Extension with the City of Sutherlin for housing inmates. Revenue: $79.50 per prisoner per day.

12. SHERIFF – Contract Amendment (John Hanlin)
Second Contract Amendment with Consolidated Food Management to bring the Juvenile Department in compliance with the requirements set forth in federal school lunch program regulations. Revenue: Estimated $71,614.00 from the Department of Education.

13. MISCELLANEOUS – Presentations and Funding Decisions for Title III Applications Under PL 106-393, SRS 2000, Round 13 (Commissioner Robertson)
A 45 day public comment period was held on the following two applications: Communities for Healthy Forests ($125,000.00); and USDA Wildlife Services ($38,000.00)

14. MISCELLANEOUS – Appointment to CCD Board of Directors (Commissioner Morgan)
A vacancy exists on the CCD Business Development Corporation Board due to the resignation of Gary Crowe. The Board unanimously recommends the Appointment of Twila Rae Van Loon (representing Business) to the Board with a term expiring May 31, 2015.

MISCELLANEOUS – Appointment to Library Board (Harold Hayes)
A vacancy exists on the Douglas County Library Board due to the resignation of Sue Winn. The position was advertised with Douglas County media and one application was received. The Board unanimously recommends the Appointment of Jana Cunningham to a term that would end June 30, 2018.



The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be held June 18, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. in Room 216 of the Douglas County Courthouse, Roseburg, OR.


19. BUDGET HEARING – For the Douglas County 4-H, Master Gardener and Extension Service District (John Punches)
The proposed budget would levy a tax of $0.0600 per $1000.00 assessed value on property within the District’s boundaries, raising an estimated $435,574.00 to fund operating expenses of the District. These are dedicated revenues with the District’s voter-approved tax rate limit. The actions do not impact the County’s general fund budget.

20. RESOLUTION TO ADOPT – The 2014-15 Budget for the Douglas County 4-H, Master Gardener and Extension Service District and Impose Associated Taxes (John Punches)
The Resolution adopts, and makes appropriations for the 2014-15 fiscal year budget for the Douglas County 4-H, Master Gardener and Extension Service District, imposes taxes at the rate of $0.060 per $1000.00 taxable assessed value within the District’s boundaries, and categorizes these taxes as General Government. There is no impact on County general fund budget.


Douglas County may audio/video record the proceedings of this meeting for future broadcast or other purposes. Note: Department Head Work sessions are not recorded A copy of any audio/video recording is available upon written request made to the Information Technology department. Cost is $5 per cd/dvd copy plus $2 shipping costs. Send a money order to: Douglas County Information Technology, 1036 SE Douglas, Room 123, Roseburg, OR 97470. Please include dates of requested dvd's or cd's and shipping address.

As part of public policy, Douglas County will attempt to provide public accessiblilty to services, programs and activities. If accommodation is needed to participate at this meeting, please contact the Board of Commissioner's office (541) 440-4201 at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time.

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