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Commissioners Agenda for Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Douglas County Courthouse, Room 216 Roseburg, Oregon


CHAIR Tim Freeman    
COMMISSIONER Chris Boice    
COMMISSIONER Susan Morgan   DATE 4/13/2016 9:00 AM
Contact Email:    


2. Approval of the Minutes of April 6, 2016

• Reedsport Citizens -
• Courthouse Citizens -

4. COUNTY COUNSEL – Order (Paul Meyer)
Order to initiate a formation of a library district and is in lieu of the petitioners having to collect signatures. The Order schedules first hearing concerning formation for May 4, 2016.

5. DINT – Memorandum of Agreement (Patrick Moore)
Memorandum of Agreement with Oregon-Idaho High-Intensity Drug-Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) for reimbursement of operational costs up to $75,000.00 per year.

6. LAND – Timber Sale Contract (Gary Groth)
Timber Sale Contract known as Cedar Hollow #285 with Swanson Group Mfg., LLC for the 2016-2017 harvest year. Sale contains approximately 58 acres, 1.4 MBF, and has an estimated value of $438,144.00. The initial deposit of $35,000.00 has been deposited and the bond in the amount of $88,000.00 is in force.

7. LAND – Satisfaction of Mortgage (Gary Groth)
Douglas County, Mortgagor, owner and holder entered into a mortgage on June 28, 2006 with Daniel and Katherine J. Newton, Mortgagee relative to a Woodlands Assistance Program loan. The loan, plus interest, has been paid in full and the County’s lien is being removed from the property.

8. PUBLIC HEALTH – Contract Amendment (Dr. Dannenhoffer)
Contract Amendment with Umpqua Community Health Center to provide Oregon Mother’s Care services which provides services such as outreach and public education about the need for and availability of first trimester prenatal, maternity case management, prenatal care, including dental care, and other services as needed by pregnant women. Amendment increases the payment maximum by $6,374.00 to $251,750.00.

9. PUBLIC WORKS – Intergovernmental Agreement (Robb Paul)
Match agreement with Federal Highway Administration, Western Federal Lands Highway Division (WFLHD), for the Little River Road Rock Slope Stabilization (Milepost 24.6) project. Total estimated cost: $2,016,361.00. The project to be funded with $1,809,281.00 of WFLHD funds and $207,080.00 of County funds.

10. PUBLIC WORKS – Order (Robb Paul)
Order transferring lands adjacent to the County right-of-way on Grant Smith Road No. 188, currently administered by the Douglas County Industrial Development Board being transferred into the County Road System.

11. PUBLIC WORKS – Order Authorizing Purchase (Robb Paul)
Purchase of herbicide for Douglas County roadway vegetation management. State Price Agreement with Wilbur-Ellis Company. Cost: $96,819.45.

12. MISCELLANEOUS – Resolution (Commissioner Boice)
Resolution will add sites to the Roberts Creek Enterprise Zone. This additional area meets all statutes. This would allow an additional incentive for businesses to locate or expand to our area.

13. MISCELLANEOUS – Resolution (Commissioner Boice)
Resolution requesting the State of Oregon/Business Oregon to designate the Roberts Creek Enterprise Zone as an Electronic Commerce Zone. This designation is competitive, with one being available after July 1, 2016, in the State of Oregon. Per Statute, Resolutions must be passed and sent to the State of Oregon for consideration.

14. MISCELLANEOUS – Parks Advisory Board Reappointments (Commissioner Morgan)
Vacancies exist on the Parks Advisory Board due to expired terms. Lonnie Ferber, Bill Swift and Dennis Acton will be reappointed to new terms that will end December 27, 2019.

15. MISCELLANEOUS – Reappointment to Solid Waste Advisory Committee (Robb Paul)
Two vacancies exist on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee due to expired terms. The vacancies were advertised with Douglas County media and two applications were received. Larry Spielbusch and Jess Terrel would like to be reappointed to new terms that would end January 1, 2020.

16. MISCELLANEOUS – Reappointment/Appointment to the Veterans Advisory Committee (Patrick Plourd)
Four vacancies exist on the Veterans Advisory Committee due to three expired terms and one resignation. The vacancies were advertised with Douglas County media and five applications were received. Michael Hendricks, James Little and John McDonald would like to be reappointed to new terms ending 12/31/2017. The Committee recommends the appointment of Dirk Kruysman to a position with a term ending 12/31/2017.

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The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be held April 20, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. in Room 216 of the Douglas County Courthouse, Roseburg, OR. The meeting is available via Video Conferencing to Reedsport citizens at the Reedsport Annex, 680 Fir Street, Reedsport, OR.


Douglas County may audio/video record the proceedings of this meeting for future broadcast or other purposes. Note: Department Head Work sessions are not recorded A copy of any audio/video recording is available upon written request made to the Information Technology department. Cost is $5 per cd/dvd copy plus $2 shipping costs. Send a money order to: Douglas County Information Technology, 1036 SE Douglas, Room 123, Roseburg, OR 97470. Please include dates of requested dvd's or cd's and shipping address.

As part of public policy, Douglas County will attempt to provide public accessiblilty to services, programs and activities. If accommodation is needed to participate at this meeting, please contact the Board of Commissioner's office (541) 440-4201 at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time.

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