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Tax Foreclosed Property Auction
to be held
January 13, 2014


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The County retains the right to withdraw properties from this site and sale at any time for any reason. All tax foreclosed properties are sold as is. The County makes no warranties or guarantees regarding title to the tax foreclosed properties offered for sale, but shall only sell and convey such interest as the County acquired by foreclosure or other means and holds at the time of sale. All sales are subject to final approval of the Board of County Commissioners. Payment for tax foreclosed properties must be made with cash or cashier’s check, payable to Douglas County. No personal checks or credit cards will be accepted. Tax foreclosure sales shall be conveyed to purchaser by Bargain and Sale Deed.

INFORMATION PACKETS on all properties are available in the Land Department, Courthouse, Room 320, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Closed from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.
Please read the above Open House Schedule for times and locations. Contact Janna Vanderhoof at (541) 440-4265,  or Tony Page at (541) 440-4568, if you have additional questions.

CAUTION: On occasion, some parcels have proven to be only errors in descriptions, gaps where surveys do not coincide or where only a partial interest may be held, and conflicts of ownership have thus arisen.

No warranty as to title is made. It is strongly suggested that bidders secure title reports to verify condition of title and/or title insurance prior to the sale date for parcels they are interested in.


Property Description Other Information

Land parcel - Long very narrow, UNBUILDABLE strip of bare land in-between parcels located at 0 Yokum Drive, Roseburg. Zoned RR - Rural Residential - 2 acre minimum. Approximate lot size is 0.10 acres.

● 0.10 acres
● Long very narrow UNBUILDABLE strip
● Zoned RR - Rural Residential - 2 acre minimum

Assessor Market Value: $700

Minimum Bid: $250

Plat Map::  T28-R06W-S13C-TL03700

Aerial Map::  GIS1 - Yokum (Property in Red)

Photo:  Photo 1


Land parcel - Three small lots, one improved with city services located at 1823 SE Kane Street and 0 Booth Avenue. Flat and sloping. House was recently removed.

● City utilities are available on one of the three tax lots.
● Utilities are currently in an inactive status.
● Three separate tax lots auctioned as package.
● House was recently removed.
● Zoned R7.5 - Single Family Residential
R15245, R15237, R15253

Assessor Market Value: $68,162

Minimum Bid: $4,500

Plat Map::  T27-R06W-S25AD-TL00400-00200-00300

Aerial Map::  GIS Map (Property in Red)

Photo:  Photo 1

Photo:  Photo 2


Land Parcel - 3.95 acre parcel of unimproved bare land. Legal Lot of Record status. Sewer and water may or may not be available through formal application process. Buyer to do "due diligence". Located at 0 Old Highway 99 North, Oakland, OR.

● 3.95 acres bare land.
● Zoned 5R - Rural Residential - 5 acre minimum.
● Availability of utilities is unknown.

Assessor Market Value: $100,975

Minimum Bid: $18,000

Plat Map::  T25-R05W-S17A-TL00600

Aerial Map::  GIS3 0 Old Highway 99 North (Property in Red)

Photo:  Photo 1

Photo:  Photo 2

Photo:  Photo 3

Photo:  Photo 4


Land Parcel - 1.19 acre parcel improved bare land located at 262 Plat M Road, Sutherlin. House was recently removed. Property is believed to have a failed septic system and well of low production. Current quantity and quality is unknown. Located east of Sutherlin.

● 1.19 acres flat bare land.
● Zoned RS - Suburban Residential.
● Previously burned house was removed.
● Septic system is believed to need replacement and current well production is unknown.

Assessor Market Value: $114,387

Minimum Bid: $19,000

Plat Map::  T25-R05W-S19BC-TL01100

Aerial Map::  GIS4 262 Plat M Road. (Property in Red)

Photo:  Photo 1

Photo:  Photo 2

Photo:  Photo 3

Photo:  Photo 4


Multiple Residences - Structures include a manufactured home, garage apartment, and concrete block house. 0.30 acres located at 442, 462, and 482 Hayhurst Road, Yoncalla. Zoned UR - Urban Residential. Structures need updating and structural repairs.

● 3 residences needing updating & structural repairs.
● Flat 0.30 acres
● Zoned UR - Urban Residential
R28251, M91898

Assessor Market Value: $128,195

Minimum Bid: $19,000

Plat Map::  T23-R05W-S04DA-TL04000

Aerial Map::  GIS 442 & 482 Hayhurst Road (Property in Red)

Photo:  Photo 1

Photo:  Photo 2

Photo:  Photo 3

Photo:  Photo 4


Land Parcel - Flat, rolling, sloping, 3.07 acres across the highway from the Fairgrounds, near Heritage Loop. Property has no services currently onsite. Fill materials have been deposited in various locations on the property. Legal Lot of Record status.

● Flat, rolling, sloping unimproved land.
● 3.07 acres.
● Zoned AW (Agricultural Woodlot).
● No utilities currently established on site.

Assessor Market Value: $21,490

Minimum Bid: $29,000

Plat Map::  T27-R06W-S25BC-TL00500

Aerial Map::  GIS6 - Wilson Collins (Property in Red)

Photo:  Photo 1

Photo:  Photo 2