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Woodlands Assistance Program

Plot of forest land in need of replanting. (1990)   Same forest land ten years later. (2000)
Forest land in 1990.                                                                             Planted forest in 2000.

The Woodland Assistance Program was established in 1980 and is unique to Douglas County. The goal of the program is to provide technical assistance to non-industrial woodland owners which will result in an increased supply of timber from these private woodlands.

The program is funded by receipts from County timber sales and consists of Technical Assistance, a conifer Seed Bank and Reforestation Equipment Loan.

The Woodland Assistance Forester provides technical assistance to small woodland owners. Services include management planning, administration of federal and state financial assistance programs, cooperative spray projects and technical advice on silviculture practices.

Picture of tools available for loan.

The Woodland Assistance Forester also maintains a seed bank of local conifer seed that is supplied to nurseries that grow seedlings for Douglas County woodland owners. The forester monitors northwest nurseries that grow Douglas County seedlings to ensure an adequate supply is available to small woodland owners.

For woodland owners who do their own work, the County has simple reforestation tools that you can borrow. Hoe dads, tree planting shovels, tree bags and backpack sprayers are available. Contact the Woodland Assistance Forester for more information or to reserve tools for your project.

The Forester is active in the Douglas Small Woodlands Association, Douglas County Fair, Woodland tours, etc. to encourage and promote active management of family forestlands.

Private landowners learn about good forest practices.

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